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Seasoning For Pizza-How To Tips & Ideas

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Seasoning for PizzaIf you are planning to bake a fresh, aromatic pizza at your home; then you must learn about the seasoning for pizza. Using different types of pizza seasoning will make your pizzas more delicate and unique in taste each time you prepare them. You can buy these seasonings readymade, but the homemade one is always more authentic and tasty. So, go ahead to prepare any of these below-mentioned pizza seasonings and enjoy gourmet pizza at your dinner table with your friends and family members around.


Easy Pizza Seasoning Ideas

Simple Pizza Seasoning

Do you want to make it simple? Then keep these 5 ingredients ready and prepare this easy but delicious pizza seasoning for home baking. These simple items are - oregano, garlic, crushed red pepper, basil, and marjoram. Mix these in right proportion to season your pizza.


Authentic Pizza Seasoning

This is one of the most authentic pizza seasonings – containing different herbs and spices. The basic ingredients are – onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, fennel, oregano, garlic, basil, chives, parsley, thyme, marjoram, and celery. Prepare the seasoning in advance and store in an airtight container, so that you can use the seasoning, whenever required.


South Western Style Pizza SeasoningPIzza Seasoning

If you want to make your pizza as hot as the South Western style, then you need to use different types of peppers. The most original South Western type pizza seasoning includes the following items - garlic, onion, sun-dried tomato, black pepper, cayenne pepper flakes, California chili, sea salt, basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.


Mediterranean Pizza Seasoning

The Mediterranean pizza seasoning offers a different flavor and taste due to some of the unique ingredients. You might have to search few stores to find out these ingredients, which are Turkish oregano leaf and powder, salt, sugar, cracked and ground Indian fennel seed, crushed red pepper, Tellicherry black pepper, garlic, white onion, sweet California basil, cayenne red pepper powder.


Lemon-Pepper Pizza Seasoning

Those, who are fond of lemon-pepper combination, can find this seasoning quite interesting. The ingredients are dried onion flakes, coarsely ground black pepper, garlic powder, thyme, fennel, paprika, oregano, basil, ginger powder, and dried lemon peel. Mix these ingredients in right proportion and enjoy a fresh lime flavor and tangy taste in your pizza.


Now you know quite a few pizza seasoning ideas, with which you can go ahead. To season your pizza, mix the seasoning with tomato sauce and spread on top of the pizza dough or sprinkle directly over the pizza. Adjust the quantity of the seasoning, as per your requirement and enjoy the experience of baking and eating a homemade pizza.


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I am planning a birthday party for my niece this weekend. Will try out some of these seasoning ideas and will let you know how it turned out.
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Is there any seasoning idea with Indian spices?
bronzegoddess.bright's picture
What are your suggestions for an Italian style pizza?
Priam's picture
Have never tried the lemon pepper combo...shall try it next time I bake a pizza...thanks
epicure's picture
same here Priam :)
epicure's picture
wow!! really nice ideas! I really like the lemon pepper seasoning!
yummytummy's picture
Sweetcandy - yes, you can use Indian spices like cumin, coriander, chili powder, cinnamon etc. But, then your pizza will have a completely unique flavor. Try and share with us, your experience of Indian style pizza!!
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bronzegoddess_bright - The Authentic Pizza Seasoning deals with the Italian style pizza.
barbecue's picture
riveting ideas..i loved the western style seasoning tips!
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I can't wait to try out my own seasonings, it is going to be a homemade pizza party this weekend !!
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Enriched pizzas for a great party!
Anonymous's picture
Cool... great innovative ideas...........I will surely try these seasonings... the next time I am making pizzas.
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Great ideas! I'm going to mix n match them
Anonymous's picture
Few days ago, I read about different sauces for pizza and now there is seasoning ideas. ifood is on a roll and I am loving it all.
Anonymous's picture
Thanks for these delicious handy pizza seasoning tips. I thought great seasonings for the pizza cannot be made in Indian homes as ingredients may not be commonly available, but these are so easily available.
delicious.bites's picture
Wonderful...will definitely try them!
The.Hungry.Soul's picture
Really nice seasoning ideas for homemade pizzas. Im going to make then and put them in my shakers and label them with the various names so that I can try a different one each time I make pizza!
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My kid loves pizza and everytime needs different seasonings. your blog is really helpful for me. Thanks
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you forgot the most basic - Italian seasoning!!!
Seasoning For Pizza-How To Tips & Ideas