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Popular Courgette Dressing Ideas

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Courgette Dressing — Courgette SaladIf traditional vinaigrette bores you normally, then stun yourself with delectable courgette dressing that brings to your plate a flurry of exciting flavors. Prepared using a host of different ingredients, this dressing combines unusual flavors and additives that promises to leave  your  taste buds on a high. Give your appetite a kick with this blog that leaves you with a whole slew of ideas on how to make courgette dressing.



Top 10 Courgette Dressing Ideas



Olive Dressing

Olive dressing packed with pitted olives, tomatoes, and basil and spiked with white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil coats pleasantly the crunchy, stuffed courgette flowers.



Courgette and Caper Dressing

Courgette and Caper Dressing

This bright and briny dressing does wonders to your warm salmon salad and makes for an excellent addition to your lunch fare.



Basil Dressing

This faintly sweet, flavorful dressing adds a rich, garlicky bite to your grilled courgette, tomato, and bean salad.



Fresh Herb Dressing

Fresh Herb Dressing

This robust fresh herb dressing tastes as good as it sounds and makes for an excellent addition to your courgette and tomato risotto.



Ginger Dressing

Replace the greasy mayo with refreshingly zesty ginger dressing that is intensifying enough to flavor up your chargrilled courgette salad.



Lemon Cumin Dressing

Lemon Cumin Dressing

The deep flavors of zingy lemon and zesty cumin lends this dishy dressing its delish flavor. Try this dressing with potato and courgette fritters!



Pine Nut Dressing

Yellow pepper adds a delicate flavor to this pine nut dressing that makes for a classic accompaniment to your courgette.



 Wasabi Dressing

Wasabi Dressing

A dollop of wasabi dressing adds a dash of subtle yet satisfying heat to your regal salmon and courgette kebabs. A must-try dressing for sure!



Avocado Dressing

Buttery chunks of avocado adds a dash of creamy consistency to this dressing that also whips in courgette, onion and garlic powder and goes with almost all kinds of veggie salad.



Lemon Soy Dressing

Lemon Soy Dressing

Satiny, succulent courgette tossed into lemon soy dressing not only adds a blitz to your boring salads, but also helps to enhance the flavor of your zucchini.



These courgette dressing brims with a flurry of flavors that not only adds a dash of zing to your meals, but also livens up your taste buds.


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Courgettes are my favourite when it comes to salads. Being a salad lover, Iam glad to read about a variety of dressings. I would surely try out the Fresh Herb Dressing and Lemon Cumin Dressing shortly.
Anonymous's picture
Beautiful images... looks lovely and yummy, too!!!
thot4food's picture
Is the Courgette something like zucchini?
shantihhh's picture
Courgette is the French word often used by English, Indians, Australians, etc for the Italian zucchini. Another wonderful squash is the zuchetta. It doesn't get mushy when cooked in curries. The flavour is similiar to artichoke heart.
Samina.Tapia's picture
These images are so wonderful that they actually give you salad ideas along with the dressing ideas that you have provided. Do share more courgette salad ideas to go with these dressings.
The.Hungry.Soul's picture
Can you please share the recipe of the salmon and courgette kababs that go with the wasabi dressing. That picture looks amazing
Anonymous's picture
Pls do share more wasabi salad ideas to go with these dressings...
oatmeal's picture
Tangy lemon cumin dressing..... Add a little pepper and its simply awesome...
Anonymous's picture
These dressings are simply mind blowing. Obviously they will be tasty, but I am very impressed by the aesthetics, especially of the Herb Dressing. I do not have any special machine other than a kitchen knife at home. Do you think I can cut the courgette in such beautiful designs with it?
delicious.bites's picture
Lemon cumin dressing...I just love it...though will try others also soon.
chefgirishparab's picture
Looks good and feels great, these salads looks so lively in those image, I am sure they taste good as well.
foodietweetie's picture
Courgette is generally a bland veggie, but these dressings would definitely add zing to this veggie. Thanks for nice options :)
Anonymous's picture
These are utterly delicious....I had actually given up courgettes but I am gonna start making them with the above dressings.
FitGal's picture
Any meal is incomplete without dressing, so, I think with the help of this blog, I can safely prepare any amount of salads, starters and dishes. Thanks ifood.
barbecue's picture
utterly buttery delicious!
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Thinly sliced courgettes are wonderful sprinkled with a finishing dill seed salt. Just grind the dill seed fine in your spice grnder, mix with sea salt. Wonderful on seafood too.
Popular Courgette Dressing Ideas