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Bell Pepper Dressings

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Bell Pepper Dressing — Bell Pepper SaladWhether you are treating guests tonight or need something really sumptuous to jazz up your ‘dinner-time’, bell pepper dressing can do wonders for your palate and presentation. Citrusy, creamy, or spicy, we bring you a whole slew of ideas on how to make bell pepper dressing...







Top 10 Bell Pepper Dressing Ideas


1. Roasted Red Bell Pepper Dressing

Need a more healthy dressing? Simply blend together red bell pepper, balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, basil, and rosemary and for a dressing that is both tasty and nutritious.

2. Sweet Bell Pepper Dressing

Sweet Bell Pepper Dressing

Sweet bell peppers add a sweet bite into this mildly sweet dressing that brims with luscious ingredients like sun dried tomatoes, basil, asafetida, Celtic salt. A perfect accompaniment with nachos and tacos.

3. Oregano Dressing

If you are searching for a delectable dressing recipe to kick up the flavor of your bell peppers, oregano dressing is likely to be an instant hit.

4. Green Bell Pepper Dressing

Green Bell Pepper Dressing

To whip up this instant crowd pleaser, blend together diced peppers, garlic, onion, spinach, chicken broth, and a dash of seasoning. Fettuccine and sausages make a perfect accompaniment.

5. Warm Bell Pepper Dressing

Bell peppers taste even more delicious when cooked and served warm. Just stir your pepers together in a sauce pan with water, garlic, and pepper. Then toss in your favorite veggies for a zesty warm salad!

6. Creamy Bell Pepper Dressing

Creamy Bell Pepper Dressing

Blending cashews and bell peppers together create this finger-licking, creamy dressing gives. Don’t forget to sprinkle generous amounts of pepper and parsley to add an extra level of flavor!

7. Cheese Bell Pepper Dressing

Cheese and bell peppers make one supreme combo. Try this hearty dressing with stuffed shrimp or roasted poblanos. A win-win combination for sure.

8. Cherry Tomatoes And Bell Pepper Dressing

Cherry Tomatoes And Bell Pepper Dressing

After a long day, something as heart healthy as a dressing made from cherry tomatoes and bell pepper would suffice your starved tummy. Hand-picked cherry tomatoes would take this dressing to the next level.

9. Marjoram Bell Pepper Dressing

Increase the flavor of your mildly sweet, mildly hot bell peppers with a hint of marjoram. This aromatic seasoning definitely adds to the zest of this yummy delight.

10. Dressing Chipotle with Bell Pepper

For a great bell pepper dressing that's filled with Mexican flavor, try this chipotle dressing that is both spicy and zesty. Blend together chopped, sauteed onions, roasted red bell peppers, garlic, cumin, and canned chipotle chiles.


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Bell Pepper Dressings