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Seasoning For Popcorn-How To Tips & Ideas

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Seasoning For PopcornWho does not like to have a bowl of popcorn, particularly while watching a favorite movie! Here is a bunch of ideas on seasoning for popcorn, with which you can have something different each time you sit with a bowl of popcorn. These exciting popcorn seasoning ideas are quite simple and quick to try at home. Let us have a look on these.


10 Simple Popcorn Seasoning Ideas

Buttery Seasoning

The rich buttery flavored popcorn is a favorite for many. You can prepare this at home by melting the butter and adding to the popcorn. If the butter is unsalted, then add salt to the melted butter, according to your taste.


Peppery Seasoning

You may like your popcorns hot and peppery. For this, you have to prepare a mixture of hot chili powder and chili flakes. Sprinkle the powdery mixture on popcorn according to the required hotness and mix well, before taking your first bite.


Cheesy Seasoning

Cheese can be successfully used as a seasoning for popcorn. Use freshly grated cheddar cheese to mix with mustard powder, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Sprinkle this mixture on freshly prepared popcorns, combine thoroughly, and enjoy.

Tomato Seasoning

Tomato Seasoning

One of the popular popcorn seasoning ideas is the tomato seasoning. In a small bowl, add tomato powder, salt, and pepper to combine properly. Sprinkle this mixture on the popcorn and mix thoroughly. This seasoning will also add some color to the popcorns.


Lemony Seasoning

Use freshly squeezed lime juice to drizzle on buttery popcorns. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, according to your taste and shake thoroughly. For extra lemony flavor, you can sprinkle some lemon zest on top.


Garlic Seasoning

Garlic has a strong flavor, which can be used as a type of seasoning for popcorn. You may use garlic powder to sprinkle on the popcorns. Otherwise, finely chop the garlic and sauté in butter. Pour the sautéed mixture of garlic and butter over the popcorn and mix well. Season the popcorns with salt.


Curry Seasoning

Give your popcorns an Indian touch by using curry powder as a seasoning for popcorn. Combine curry powder, a pinch of turmeric powder, and a pinch of chili powder and sprinkle the mixture on the popcorns to shake properly. Do not forget to season with salt, as per taste.


Herb Seasoning

You can use any of your favorite herbs in its dried form, to sprinkle over the popcorn and each time, you can have a unique flavor in your popcorn bowl. There are unlimited options of herb seasoning for popcorn, including basil, oregano, parsley etc.

Chocolate Seasoning

Vanilla Seasoning

Add few drops of vanilla and required amount of sugar to butter. You can adjust the sweetness according to your requirement. Combine the ingredients and pour over the popcorns. Shake well and enjoy a sweet bowl of popcorn.


Chocolaty Seasoning

Combine cocoa powder and confectioner’s sugar, in right proportion. Sprinkle this mixture over the popcorns and shake thoroughly. This could be a favorite seasoning for chocolate addicts.


Experiment with these exciting popcorn seasoning ideas, to make your popcorns most flavorful and delicious.


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Seasoning For Popcorn-How To Tips & Ideas