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Apple Garnish-How To Tips & Ideas

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Apple Garnish IdeasA unique apple garnish can make your food look extra-ordinary, be it simple salad, smoothies, desserts, cocktails or any apple based cuisines. Preparing apple garnish is very easy and it does not require any special culinary skill. Go through the article to learn in details on interesting apple garnish ideas.


Tools Used for Apple Garnish

Certain specific tools are most essential for preparing perfect looking apple garnish, other than which you might end up with wasting the apple.

  • Apple Cutter – cuts the apple into wedges
  • Apple Corer – neatly takes off the apple core
  • Vegetable Peeler – peels off the skin
  • Sharp Paring Knife – removes the skin in thin layer
  • Fruit Knife – makes thin slices


Easy & Quick Apple Garnish Ideas

Apple Wedge

Apple Wedge Garnish

  • Use the apple cutter to cut the apple into wedges. For thin slice of wedges, use sharp fruit knife. Make a cut at the straight edge of the wedge for placing it on the rim of the glass.
  • For garnishing the apple-based desserts, place the thin apple wedges following a nice pattern. Apple wedge is a common garnish for appletini or apple martini. Attach the apple wedge on the rim to garnish these cocktails.


Apple Slice

Apple Slice

  • Use the fruit knife to cut the apple vertically, in thin slices. Discard the seeds and make a small slit on one side.
  • Attach the apple slice on the glass rim before serving any apple-based drink. Alternately, the apple slice can float on the drink to offer strong flavor.


Apple Peel

Apple Peel Garnish

  • Remove the apple peel in long strand, with the help of a peeler. Curl this peel on a pencil and use as a spiral garnish. You can also roll up the peel to prepare rose garnish, for which you should use a paring knife to remove the fine peel in a continuous, unbroken strand.
  • The apple spiral garnish is normally placed inside the cocktail glasses as a garnish. Apple peel rose garnish is used to decorate fruit or vegetable salad or apple pie etc.


Apple Cup

Apple Cup Garnish

  • With an apple corer, scrape off the core portion of the apple keeping a moderately thick wall along with the skin. You can also use a serrated-edge knife to scrape off the core, instead of an apple corer.
  • Use the apple cup to serve apple drinks, smoothie, fruit salad, ice cream etc.


Apple Cubes

Apple Cube Garnish

  • Cut the apple in 1-inch long cubes with the help of a sharp fruit knife.
  • Spread the cubes on salad or prick at the end of a toothpick to place in cocktail glass, or dip the cubes in apple smoothie.


Simple Tips on Apple Garnish

  • Always use fresh apple to prepare the garnish.
  • Wash the apple properly in running cold water and then pat dry with a paper towel.
  • Sprinkle or brush with lemon juice to prevent discoloration of apple garnish.
  • Prepare the apple garnish just before serving the food.
  • Do not store the prepared apple garnish inside refrigerator for later use, as it will destroy the freshness as well as flavor.

Now, it is your time to have hands on experience in decorating the dishes with these exciting apple garnish ideas. Wish you a happy garnishing time!


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Apple Garnish-How To Tips & Ideas