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Strawberry Garnish-How To Tips & Ideas

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Strawberry Garnish IdeasStrawberry garnish is an essential decoration for several desserts and smoothies. The flavor of strawberry perfectly blends with almost all sweet flavors, so you can use it without giving much of a thought. Here are some mouth watering strawberry garnish ideas, which will definitely make your dessert look most attractive.


Tools for preparing Strawberry Garnish

A sharp paring knife and a pair of small scissors – these two are the most important tools, required for preparing the most awesome strawberry garnishes. The paring knife is used to cut or slice the strawberries, whereas you can hull the strawberries with the help of a pair of small and sharp scissors.


Various Strawberry Garnish Ideas

Strawberry Whole

Strawberry Whole Garnish

  • Make a small cut on one side of the whole strawberry for placing on the glass rim.
  • This garnish is commonly used for strawberry smoothies and strawberry cream preparations. You can also use it for garnishing strawberry flavored cocktails or drinks.


Strawberry Slices

Strawberry Slice Garnish

  • Hull the strawberries and cut the strawberries lengthwise in 4-5 slices, depending on the size.
  • Use the slices to garnish desserts, by creating a pattern or design. Make small slit on a side to place on cocktail glass.


Strawberry Fan

Strawberry Fan Garnish

  • Cut the strawberries in thin slices, starting from the tip portion and keeping the hull part intact. Gently separate the slices apart in a fan pattern.
  • Strawberry fan is a delicate garnish for exotic dessert preparations.


Strawberry Flower

Strawberry flower garnish

  • Place the strawberry on its hull. With a sharp paring knife, make 4 vertical slices on each side, by keeping the central part and the hull intact. Make the slices look like petals of a flower by gently pulling outward.
  • Place as a centerpiece on a dessert to garnish.


Strawberry Quarters

Strawberry quarter garnish

  • Cut the strawberry vertically in halves. Cut these halves lengthwise in 2 equal parts.
  • Dust with confectioner’s sugar and garnish cakes, pies, pastries, ice creams etc.


Tips on Strawberry Garnish

  • Select fresh and bigger sized strawberries to prepare the garnish.
  • Clean the strawberries in cold water and pat dry with paper towel, before cutting or slicing.
  • Use freshly cut strawberry garnish to decorate the desserts or smoothies.
  • For using on chilled desserts, chill the strawberries before preparing the garnish.
  • Keep the garnish fresh and juicy, by placing the fruits away from heat or air.


Now you know - how to prepare and use different types of strawberry garnish. So, make your desserts more delicious by adding these intricate strawberry garnishes.


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Strawberry Garnish-How To Tips & Ideas