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Chocolate Garnish

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Chocolate Garnish

“Garnishes must be matched like a tie to a suit” – Fernand Point.

The statement sounds even more appropriate when it comes to decorating your desserts with some chocolate garnish. You don’t have to wait anymore to try the lovely chocolate curls and the very tempting chocolate swirls in your own kitchen, and that too by just using simple tools like a greater, vegetable peeler, cookie cutter etc. Read on to know how.


Try These With Ease

1. Grated Chocolate: Dark, milk or white chocolate just sprinkle a little bit on your desserts or drinks and watch them come alive. Chocolate garnish using grated chocolate is simple. Just rub a piece of your favorite chocolate across a handheld greater to get fine grated chocolate.


2. Chocolate Shavings: Another fabulous and super simple chocolate garnish you can try at home is chocolate shavings. All you need to prepare these is a vegetable peeler. Slowly draw the sharp blade of a vegetable peeler across the edge of the chocolate slab and voila, you have some chocolate shavings for your dessert.


3 Chocolate Drizzle: Great chocolate garnish to give that final touch to your cakes or ice creams is a  simple chocolate drizzle. Melt some chocolate in a double boiler and fill it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag tightly and cut one small corner using scissors. Squeeze the chocolate evenly onto your plain desserts to change them into an irresistible treat.


Chocolate Ribbons And Frills….Need A Bit Of Culinary Skill.


1 Chocolate Curls: Pretty chocolate curls are sure to take your recipe up by a few notches. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and spread a layer approx ¼ inch thick on the back of a baking dish. Let stand for a few minutes until the chocolate becomes a bit firm. Using a metal spatula with a straight edge, start pushing under the chocolate so that the chocolate forms curls. Using a toothpick, carefully lift the chocolate curls and use as desired.


2 Chocolate Cutouts: The cookie cutters get an added task with this chocolate garnish. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and spread on a cookie sheet, approx ¼ inch thick. Allow to set a bit. Place the cookie cutters on the chocolate. Lift the cutouts using a metal spatula and use as desired. Use different shapes of cookie cutters to add some variation to your chocolate garnish. To get perfect cutouts, make sure that the cookie cutters are a bit warm. You can do this by rubbing them between your hands.


3 Chocolate Sticks: Simple yet delightful, chocolate sticks can instantly add a lot of appeal to cakes, ice creams or puddings.

Melt your favorite dark or white chocolate in a double boiler and brush the melted chocolate on a sheet of plastic wrap. Pleat the wrap a bit and place in the refrigerator until firm. When ready to use, just straighten the plastic wrap by pulling it. The chocolate will break into chocolate sticks.


One of the best parts about chocolate garnish is that you can actually prepare them in advance and store in the refrigerator until use.


So now that you are all set to transform your desserts into a gourmet delight with these chocolate garnish ideas, don’t forget to send me few.


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The garnishing always gave me a psychological tinge of watering mouth. And to my surprise, Voila !!! you have wonderfully helped to make desserts and bakery look more tempting by simple tools and experiments. I tried all the above mentioned procedures, as the methods were explained in a nutshell for easy understanding. I accomplished few of the above techniques successfully and it was amazing to have the feeling of giving final touch to my simple looking desserts. I would like to share my experiment results. 1. Grated chocolate and chocolate shavings: Shavings were more better and perfect, as while grating it was a mess (might be due to my stupid greater) But Shavings were wonderful I tried with an extra conscious and artistic hand to have good length shavings which can look like ribbons and curls. I tried various shaped chocolates to have a mix of different types of shavings and curls. It all depended on instincts and creativity. 2. For Drizzle effect, I used HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE Syrup/ any quality chocolate of desired flavor. Instead of creating a bag I used cloth as it was easy to handle. This i experimented after seeing the Jalebi Waala who use more efficient and ready to use method. I tried with two to three fabric of cloth, So i will suggest try doing it with less porous cloth. I also tried my hand on clean small poly bags of small size. I simply greased poly bags from inside as i was not in favor to waste my chocolate, then a small hole at the bottom after filling it with melted chocolate. Voila!!! 3. I tried with cutouts, Cookie cutter was missing, So I considered boning and chef's Knife as I prefer more random shapes than usual circular and square. I used a single slab chocolate with no designs and kept in sun for 10-15 minutes, with an idea of just softening it but not melting it. Rest depends on the creativity, one have to visualize chocolate as drawing sheet, and knife as a pencil. Just carve in any shapes you desire. After carving lift them one by one by knife and place it on metal plate (greased) rest was just to refrigerate them and wait :-). I also tried by heating the knife also, and it gave better results than softening chocolate, as one avoids the refrigeration cycle. 4. I never tried hands on sticks, as was simply buying them from stores, but will try them as soon as i will find some good chocolate flavor. Although I was not sure for trying this as the method was not much clear to me. Merci beaucoup :-) PS: Always use good quality chocolates, As garnishing will be like a soul of your dessert.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences....i'm glad that some of the ideas worked for you and i'm sure your suggestions will benefit a lot of other readers!! Do try out the chocolate sticks too and share the outcome.
Chocolate Garnish