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How To Substitute Cake Flour For Health Benefits

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You can substitute cake flour for baking cakes, cookies as well as various other delicately baked food items. You can substitute cake flour and at the same time obtain results that are of the same texture and flavor when baked using refined white flour or all purpose flour. Substituting cake flour is a healthier alternative also. While there are disadvantages, there are certain health benefits of substituting cake flour.


While you bake a cake, the main objective is to come out with a cake that is fluffy and light and has tender crumbs. And only a flour that has lower levels of protein can render this fluffy, light texture to the cake. Protein stimulates the formation of gluten, which turns softer baked goods into harder ones. So, to keep the baked goods light, you should choose a flour that has been milled finely and contains starch in good amounts of starch. The flour should have the potential for holding sugar and fat in large amounts.


And the answer to all these requirements is cake flour. Milled from soft wheat, cake flour is a finely textured flour that renders an airy and fine texture to the cakes. Using cake flour will yield a higher raised cake with lower chances of being collapsed. The protein content is very less in cake flour while starch is found in plentiful amounts.


Made from the softer winter grains, cake flour contains very less amounts of gliadin and glitanin when compared to all purpose flour. And the protein content is just 7 to 9 g as against the 10 to 12 g present in all purpose refined flour. The lower the protein content, the lesser the chances of forming gluten. Hence the cake becomes tenderer.


Yet another health benefit of substituting cake flour is that it is a well bleached one. Since the flour is bleached by chlorination, the flour gains the potential for the binding and retention of sugar and fat, which as mentioned earlier is essential for great cake. Bleaching also helps in lowering the pH of the flour.


This lower pH helps in denaturing the gluten present in protein and thereby yielding a rich smoother texture to the cake. Being a very finely ground flour, the particles on the surface adhere to each other in a very closely-knit fashion rendering a smooth texture to the baked cake.




1. You can substitute all purpose flour with cake flour in any recipe that calls for the use of all purpose flour, except bread.

2. For each cup of all purpose flour used, you need to use 1 cup and 2 tbsp cake flour. The additional 2 tbsp are added because of the additive present in the cake flour, which render a velvety texture to the flour.

3. You can prepare your own cake flour. Mix 2 tbsp corn flour with every 3/4th cup of sifted refined white flour. You cake flour is ready.

4. Always sift the cake flour before using it to bake.


If you don’t have all purpose flour, then substitute cake flour for better health benefits.


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How To Substitute Cake Flour For Health Benefits