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Substituting Simple Ingredients

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The great thing about cooking is that you can add and take away whatever you want to a recipe. It's all about what flavors you like and what makes you happy.  If you're the creative type, experimenting with products you wouldn't typically can really take a recipe from good to absolutely delicious!  

Take cheese, for example, everyone knows the regulars: mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, etc, but trying out a new cheese can really liven up a traditional recipe.  We love to substitute Parrano for mozzarella in everyday dishes like chicken parmesan and baked ziti.  You'll find it really adds an extra something to the dish.  

So next time you want you find yourself in the kitchen, mix-up the regulars with something interested and surprise the family.  I would be willing to bet they end up a group of happy diners!  


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Substituting Simple Ingredients