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What Are The Substitutes For Kitchen Twine?

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Kitchen Twines

Kitchen twine is a small thin rope like cotton threads which are solely used for the purpose of trussing and knotting some particular foodstuffs. Various substitutes of kitchen twines exist and help in holding food in proper and timed fashion. For those who are new to kitchen twine introduction, let me tell you that twines are used for various purposes like holding flower vase in your balcony, or threading beans and lettuce while boiling them in one position, or holding meat and cheese balls while cooking. Basically speaking of their nature and texture, twines are made out of cotton and there’s a reason behind this trend. Cotton are inert and do not react with most of the food items so, they are safe to use always. Let us find out various substitutes for kitchen twines.


Kitchen Twine Substitutes

Bamboo Skewers

These are made up of bamboo, and are used to cook meat balls when you don’t need them to be hundred percent cooked. Also if you wish to have slight curvatures in your meat balls, you can go for bamboo skewers. They are readily available in market, and are generally eight inches in length. Various other culinary items can be prepared by using bamboo skewers, like cucumber steaks, chicken rolls, lettuce cooking. The best thing included with bamboo skewers usage is that they do not melt in high heating conditions and do not break down the balls. Also, you can cut the desired length according to your needs.

Cheese Cloth

Cheese cloth is best to be used when you are baking or heating. It should not be intended for grilling or roasting purpose. However, it works best when you want the softness of meat mush to be restored even after long standing hours. The freshness and aroma remains intact by its usage.

Common Cotton Thread

Cotton threads are best suited material to be used as kitchen twine. The one you use while sewing and threading the cloth, are cotton threads used in rolling foodstuffs. Also if you want to keep foods in same position after cooking, you can use cotton threads there.

Silicone Cooking Bands

These are kitchen twines which are used by professional hands. They are most likely to be seen in restaurant and chef`s kitchen where they are used to bind the food stuffs especially the rolled meat stuffs. In appearance they are round, thick rubber like item made out of silicone material.

These were some of the substitutes of kitchen twines you can bring to use for preparing the gourmet recipes at home.

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What Are The Substitutes For Kitchen Twine?