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What Are The Substitutes For Orange Liquer


substitutes for orange liquer

Are you looking for substitutes for orange liquer? If you run out of triple sec or any other variety of curaçao, do not worry. Substituting orange liquer need not necessarily change the taste of consistency of your end product. Rather it just reduces the tartness / sharpness of your mixed drinks or other recipes you are using it in as a flavoring agent. As you would know, orange liquer is also indeed an alcoholic beverage just that it is flavored with dried orange peels and is quite sweet because of the added sugar in it.


Several recipes would require you to use Grand Mariner. As you know, the orange liquer Grand Mariner doesn’t come cheap and it is, hold your breath, $36.00 a bottle.


Here are a few substitutes for orange liquer:


Orange Juice


This would have to be the most commonly used replacement for orange liquer, and easiest of course. Who wouldn’t have a carton of orange juice, or simply an orange or two in the refrigerator? If you are using orange juice, substitute twice the amount (or orange juice) the recipe calls for in terms of liquer. Or you could mix orange juice and orange extract and use.


Orange Marmalade


Orange marmalade is sharp and tart, almost similar to orange liqueur and hence you would get the desired effect and taste when you substitute marmalade. It might not be good for using in your drinks owing to its thick consistency but it’s good to glaze pork, chicken, beef and fish. You can use substitute the same amount of orange marmalade in place of liquer.


Orange Extract


Yet another viable option is to use Orange extract in place of orange liquer. Use half the amount of orange extract to substitute orange liquer since the extract tends to be stronger than the liquer. You can also use it for frostings and glazes.


Any other fruit liquers


So you do not have orange liquer and are bored with the taste of orange? Here is an alternative. Use another fruit flavored liquer to substitute orange. But be careful when you substitute other flavors since it might ruin your entire end product. For instance, you cannot use a liquer that is suitable for drinks to make a frozen dessert. That is mainly since the alcohol will not freeze and makes your dessert runny.


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What Are The Substitutes For Orange Liquer