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What Are Some Non-Dairy Alternatives For Heavy Whipped Cream

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What are some non-dairy alternatives for heavy whipped cream is a questiaon frequently asked by vegans. So, to help all our vegan friends enjoy cream based desserts we have found many heavy whipped cream alternatives. They are as good as heavy whipped cream and free of all sorts of animal products.


So, here is a list of heavy whipped cream for vegans, absolutely dairy-free.

Soy Whipped Cream

Soy cream is a product of soy and is available in cans just like dairy whipped cream. It can be used just like whipped cream for cooking as well as baking. Soy whipped cream does not need refrigeration because it is already very thick; even if it is refrigerated it is recommended to keep it at room temperature for 10 minutes before consuming.

Frozen Non Dairy Whipped Cream

Kosher has a non dairy heavy whipped cream in its collection. This is absolutely free of animal ingredients. This product from Kosher is mainly targeted to schools and colleges for bulk selling but anyone can order it in small quantities.

Homemade Non-Dairy Whipped Cream

Those who like to avoid processed foods can make their own non-dairy whipped cream by mixing soy powder, sugar, and vanilla extract in coconut milk. This non-dairy alternative for heavy whipped cream is ideal for baking and topping as well.


Heavy Whipped Cream With Non-Dairy Creamer

Whipped cream made with non-dairy creamer is another heavy whipped cream for vegans. Mix 1 cup non-dairy creamer, 3 tablespoon, 1 table spoon lemon juice in ¼ cup of cold water. Whip the mixture with chilled beaters on high speed for 1 minute or until peaks are visible.

Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

This is another good heavy whipped cream alternative for vegans. Keep 1 can of coconut milk in refrigerator for at least 7 days. Always keep the can upright for formation of cream at the top. After 7 days, open the can with a can opener and remove the cream from the top. Keep the cream in a bowl and whip it until the cream is light. Refrigerate to prevent melting.

Rice Milk Whipped Cream

Whipped cream made of rice milk is readily available in cans by Soyatoo. This product is recommended for children who are lactose intolerant; however vegans can also use it as non-dairy alternative for heavy whipped cream.


Whipped Cream With Rice Milk Powder

Whipped cream can also be made with rice milk powder. Instead of using soy milk powder for making whipped cream use rice milk powder. Rice milk powder gives a lighter texture to the baked goods than soy milk powder.


So, all you vegans must be happy to find so many non-dairy alternatives for heavy whipped cream. Hope you can now enjoy your favourite dessert.


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What Are Some Non-Dairy Alternatives For Heavy Whipped Cream