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How To Fix Errors While Decorating A Cake


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How to fix errors while decorating a cake? Hmm... well, yes this blog is about fixing the errors while decorating cake. We all love to have a nice slice of our cake, but baking and frosting it could prove to be another story. Even if you could bake the perfect cake, you will still need to know how to fix errors while decorating cake, in case something were to go wrong. Most cake enthusiasts would face problems while decorating the cake. I have a friend who is a professional baker and I had a chat with her on how to fix errors while decorating cake. She did give me some very practical tips that might help anyone to fix errors while decorating cake.


The first of the many errors while decorating cakes is not having a proper plan in hand. You cannot fix errors while decorating cake without a plan. Also do not use too many design accessories without having any knowledge about them. And when people do not prepare their icings properly, then disaster awaits them. Always use clean utensils to prepare the icing. Also, preparing the icings to the right viscosity is crucial to avoid errors while decorating cake.


  1. It is ideal to have a 24 hours head start before decorating the cake. The cake needs to cool down completely and set firmly. So, freeze the cake. Make sure that you wrap the cake in several layers of cling wrap. Then, wrap the cake with an aluminum foil to preserve the flavor and moisture of the cake.

  2. To avoid a lopsided cake and icing dripping over to one side, make sure that you level the cake with a knife. But do the leveling once the cake has cooled down and has set firmly in place. Leveling out the cake will make icing the cake real easy

  3. We all love the cake but not crumbs that come in between. The crumbs at times prove to be the worst nightmare of the bakers. But they need not be. You can apply a thin layer of icing on of the cake to keep the crumbs in place. Once you apply the crumb coat, refrigerate the cake for several hours to allow the crumbs to set.

  4. If you are working with a layered cake, icing leaks on the side are a real problem. You can create a type of icing dam using piped icing around each cake layer in order to stop such leaks.

  5. Sometimes the accessories on top of a cake fall off leaving behind a stain on the icing. To remove the stain, all you need to do is dip a cotton swab in lemon extract and gently roll over the stained spot. The swab will absorb stain and the spot will be clean again.

  6. If your cake is broken or cracked, you can rescue it with some whipped icing. Squeeze the icing into the cracks. Then apply a layer of icing over the cake. Allow it to set by chilling it inside the fridge and you cake will be as good as new.


I hope my post helped you to fix errors while decorating the cake. Mazel Tov!


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How To Fix Errors While Decorating A Cake