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How To Substitute Milk For Milk Powder

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There are many recipes that demand milk power as an ingredient but you can substitute milk for milk powder if need be. But it’s not a simple process since adjustments have to be made to all the other ingredients while substituting milk for dry milk or milk powder. But before we delve into how to substitute milk for dry milk, let’s take a look at what milk powders are and how they are made from milk.


Milk powder is made by vacuum evaporating 90percent of the liquid in the milk. But remember, almost all milk powders come from non-fat milk so that the milk powder going rancid in room temperature can be avoided. Dry milk from whole milk , on the other hand, gets spoilt very easily. This piece of information is very important while substituting milk. Here’s how to substitute milk for milk powder.

At first you need to replace all the liquids in the recipe with the same amount of liquid milk. This milk has to be scalded before using it with other liquids in the recipe. Scalding the milk requires bringing the milk to a simmer over medium low heat until the milk reaches a boil, stirring the milk all the while.  If you scald the milk, it acquires the property to inactivate a protein in the milk that will prevent the milk added to the recipe from interfering with weakening doughs.

Now, cool the scalded milk. When it cools down to room temperature, take just enough scalded milk, so that when added to the other liquids in the recipe, they add up to the total milk required. If the recipe asks for about two cups of liquid, use one cup of liquid in the recipe and one cup of scalded milk.  Add the milk along with other liquids in the recipe. Follow the rest of the recipe to bake the dish.

It may sound a bit like a long drawn process now, but it’s very easy to substitute milk for milk powder. Though milk powder comes in very handy while baking dishes like bread, you have to substitute milk if you are left with no choice. So, happy baking!

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How To Substitute Milk For Milk Powder