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5 Spring Decoration Ideas For A Perfect Dinner Table

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Spring DecorationSpring decoration brings in the feeling of cleanliness and warmth. You can use spring decoration could range from juts flowers and butterflies, to the rabbits. The entire spring decoration ideas should reflect the warmth, glow and radiance the season brings into your life. The whole idea of a spring-themed party is to leave behind the cold and clammy winter and gear up to welcome spring.


Choose a wood table that brings in a rustic, earthy and informal touch to the spring dinner. You can allow the spring to be part of each and every part of the dinner table, right from the table cover to the napkins, to the plates and glasses you use. Read on to know few spring decoration ideas those are perfect for a dinner.


1. Choose A Pastel-Shaded Table Cloth

Pastel is the color of spring. So, choose a pastel hued tablecloth for your dinner table. You can choose a delicate fabric like silk, provided your budget permits. Else, you can choose a nice cotton one that comes with flower designs.  Choose the table according to the number of guests you are planning to invite. If it is a small group of 4 or 5, you can choose a round table. But if it is more than 7 or 8, it is preferable to choose a rectangular table.


2. Cover Back Of Chairs With Table Cloth Colored Fabric

You can cover the back of the chairs with fabrics that are of the same color of the tablecloth. Add a large decorative bow or you can tie a pastel colored balloon to the chair’s back.


3. Use Floral Napkin Rings

Add glow to your dinner table with the floral napkin rings. You can purchase faux roses in colors that match with the dining cloth, make them into pairs or stitch them on to hair elastics of contrasting shades. If you fall short of time, then you can pick up ponytail holders that come with roses on their top and use them as napkin rings.


4. Choose Floral Party Napkins

Purchase multi-hued floral paper party napkins or small cotton napkins with floral patterns embedded on them. You can even etch the name of your guests on the cotton names using rose colors.  


5. A Perfect Floral Bouquet For Your Dinner Table

Make a bouquet using fresh spring flowers like rose, orchid, daffodils, tulips, crocus, dahlia, zinnia and freesia and keep in the center of the table. You can create a multi-flowered bouquet or from the same flower.


You can add pastel-shaded and flower-scented candles to add to the illumination and fragrance of the room.

Try these simple spring decoration tips and have a great spring dinner bash.


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5 Spring Decoration Ideas For A Perfect Dinner Table