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10 Ideas To Make Mardi Gras Centerpiece

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base vaseLooking out for fresh ideas to prepare Mardi Gras Centerpiece tocomplement the traditional foods on your dining table apart from the cake? Look no further for here is a list of 10 centerpiece ideas that you would want to use year after year!! So read on...



In keeping with the Mardi gras theme, all your decorations must be in purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. So one thing that you should remember is that you are going to play the game well, and trigger your creativity with these colors blending well for the decoration ideas that you are planning to use this year. Here you will find how to create a centerpiece decoration that will complement your dining or your buffet table in the center where you are going to cut your cake for choosing the next year’s host.

See how these simple ten items could make you a beautiful centerpiece and with the traditional food that you are going to serve:

  1. beadsContainer in purple, gold and green color combination is the best base for any ideas that you can generate on the big mega table that could be single or multi-desk styled. The container should be big enough to fit in your ideas into reality, and be strong enough to shoulder the weights of the other items that you are going to place. Usually a nice flat bottom that is not flimsy makes a good base. For loading all your centerpiece goodies to stand firmly, you can also place a foam or sponge in to form a strong base.
  2. Create height to the centerpiece using floral sprays as this has to stand out amongst the other table decorations and the food and savories that you are going to serve on the table, including the king cake. They also make the decoration bit whimsy and free flowing. Pairs or groups of three floral sprays with the tricolor make a great way to height for the centerpiece.
  3. Fantasia feather mask with a stick to hold, is a great decoration for the centerpiece. You can use them to fill in the center place by width and not the height rather, which is much beautiful to look. I will prefer the mask to be one of the three colors and not all three in one.
  4. Weeping Needles Mardi Gras spray is yet another decoration that mimics the feather decoration on the mask and provides both height and width. Color of this could be chosen to complement the mask and make it stand out like the king cake.
  5. dragonflyDeco Mesh decorations could be used to make anything creatively that could touch your imagination into reality, like flowers, draperies, or king’s veil. This could be a very good cover to hide the exposed regions.
  6. Mardi Gras bead strings in three colors are a great hanging decorations that could isolate the centerpiece and the corner of the main tables at the end of the draperies to give a royal look.
  7. Angel Gras shed is also a great base cover that could make your centerpiece a real royal decored in gold or green or purple, standing tall for the theme of this year.
  8. Glass cube vases in one of the three colors are a excitingly amusing and incredible bases that which will blend well than any other and be a perfect partner for your ideas.
  9. Glitter and jewel dragonfly, is a beautiful add on decoration for the centerpiece for the Mardi Gras party table.
  10. Illuminated Willow LED branches will make your centerpiece looks real and shine out like how you decorate your Christmas trees in LED.


Happy festivities!!


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10 Ideas To Make Mardi Gras Centerpiece