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How To Substitute Vanilla For Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla extract is the perfect and best substitute for vanilla beans. Taking about vanilla, it reminds me of mouth watering vanilla flavored ice-cream available at ice-cream parlors.


Vanilla is an essential ingredient in many sweet food items, including cookies, cakes, ice cream, candies and chocolates, as well as in aromatic items such as candles, lotions, salts, perfumes and incense.


Vanilla beans have a stronger flavor than vanilla substitutes do, but vanilla beans are also more expensive and harder to find than extract, powder or paste. Pure vanilla extract is the best replacement for vanilla bean, as it is made from bean-infused alcohol.


Substituting Vanilla Beans with Vanilla Extract or Paste


  • Replace each whole vanilla bean with 2 tbs. of vanilla extract or vanilla paste.
  • Stir the vanilla extract or paste into liquid foods, such as sauces or puddings, just before serving. Alternately, add the vanilla extract or paste to the batter of baked goods with the eggs.
  • Cook or bake the food with the vanilla bean substitute at the same time and temperature as directed in the recipe.


How to Use Vanilla Powder


  • Replace each whole vanilla bean with 1 tbs. of vanilla powder for baking. Avoid using products with added sugars.
  • These sugars unpredictably reduce the potency of the powder.
  • Add the vanilla powder to the recipe when it calls for the addition of the vanilla bean.
  • Cook or bake the food without further adjustments to the recipe. Use the same cooking time and temperature.
  • Avoid using vanilla essence as a vanilla bean substitute. These products rely on artificial colors and flavors to approximate the taste of vanilla, but they do not match the subtleties of using real vanilla products.


Vanilla is one of the commonly used ingredients in most of the locally prepared sweets. It’s recommended to substitute vanilla extra for vanilla beans as its organic and safe to use.


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How To Substitute Vanilla For Vanilla Beans