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7 Edible Mardi Gras Cake Decoration Ideas

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Madri Gras decorationsPlanning to prepare Mrdi Gras cake at home and looking out for some great Mardi Gras cake decoration ideas? Look no further for you will find some of the best tips and techniques right here. So, read on...


  1. In the center of the cake is somewhat is a plastic kings doll placed and baked along with the cake or an edible font of the doll which is half hidden and is fin cutting the cake as you like. The code of conduct is that whoever in the gathering gets the king in the cake, has to host the next king caked Mardi Gras parties.
  2. Babies are yet other delicacies that one can use for Mardi Gras cup cakes, which is also useful in addition to the king, can also include the babies to decide who will be bringing the cup cakes next time.
  3. You can also get tricolored, in addition to Silver and gold colored decorations which will stand on top of the cakes to crown the main Mardi Gras cakes of the all the various pieces of cakes that you are going to host and serve for everyone.
  4. Green or purple sanding will give you the opportunity to cover the whole lot of the cake with a coarse and creamy texture and is much tastier than the icing, which has more of sugars. This Mardi Gras cake decoration blends well to relish the taste of the cake underneath the creamy colored creams that which is decored with the green or purple sands for a crunchy upper cream layer.
  5. Crown shaped edible cup cake toppers is small and is made of edible font and looks good to adorn the crown of the king making the guest to crunch on something before tasting your yummy soft and tasty cup cakes. This will attract children and even the adults if made of mouth melting chocolate, which is coated with differing edible colors.
  6. Edible assorted necklaces made of tricolored beats individually or in one piece are perfect ways to decorate the Mardi Gras king cake like how you will decorate a Christmas tree. This is one of the best decorations that might attract your guests and looks a bit different from usual. These Mardi Gras decorations could be made of sugar candies and/or chocolates which will melt into your mouth, forget not to grab the portion from the cake.
  7. Mardi Gras Glitter mask is a beautiful mask that looks like the part of the armor of the king and can decorate the sides of the cake in style but is a bit difficult to cut the cake. You should probably use a brad knife this time to cut your cakes.


Happy Festivities!!


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7 Edible Mardi Gras Cake Decoration Ideas