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What Are The Types Of Glucose Syrup Substitutes



Glucose syrup substitutes are not too many but the good news is that it is not called for in too many recipes. Substituting glucose syrup with sugar directly is not always recommended because the reason the recipe calls for syrup is that there is a risk of granulated sugar crystallizing upon cooling of the dish. Glucose syrup is also known as corn syrup as commercially it is made out of corn. Technically it can be made out of any source rich in starch such as rice, potatoes and wheat.




Here are a few options for substituting glucose syrup in recipes:

  • Boiled sugar: Sugar when heated goes through several stages before it caramelizes and becomes bitter. The soft ball stage is the one that most closely approximates glucose syrup. For every cup of glucose syrup take one cup of sugar, a few teaspoons of water just enough to cover the sugar, some cream of tartar or a pinch of salt and bring to a boil in a thick bottom pan. When melted cover the pan to release any sugar crystals stuck to the sides for three minutes. Test for the softball stage and remove from heat quickly.
  • You can also just simply substitute honey instead of glucose syrup in equal amounts. The flavor of the dish will obviously change but it might add an interesting twist to the recipe.
  • Use molasses instead of the syrup. There won’t be any significant change in the taste as in the case of honey but the color will definitely be darker. This substitution works ideally for cookies.


Use granulated sugar if you must just increase the amount of fluid by ¼ cup for every cup of glucose syrup required.


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What Are The Types Of Glucose Syrup Substitutes