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How To Decorate A Tractor Cake

Can you  decorate a tractor cake? I will be tell you that shortly. Let me be very honest with you. Unless you are a professional cake baker or have years of experience in baking cakes; the tractor cake is going to be hard work. For those of you who were wondering what the hell is a tractor cake, let me explain. In simple words, a tractor cake is a cake that is shaped like a tractor that ploughs the fields. To get started, you might have to buy a tractor cake pan which will let to bake the cake in the shape of a tractor. If you are lucky, you might find a pan with a instruction manual. Before we learn how to decorate a tractor cake with frosting, we need to bake one.


Like I said earlier, decorating tractor cake comes after making it. Bake a tractor cake 24 hours earlier and the white frosting too. For as much as possible, finish the work with one color before you start with another.


  1. Place the cake in a proper position on the cake board.

  2. Finalize a color scheme. In individual bowls mix the gel food colors with required amount of frosting. However, leave behind ½ cup of white frosting.

  3. Using an icing knife, spread a very thin layer of white frosting over the cake to seal in the crumbs.

  4. Take a clean decorating bag with a suitable decorating tip. I would recommend a star decorating tip. Fill it with the first color  which you want to start working with. Gently squeeze and release the bag to form small and closely placed stars on the body of the tractor.

  5. In another decorating bag, fit a No.5 decorating tip and color the headlights with a suitable color. Squeeze in a circular motion to form the perfect circle.

  6. Next, take the third decorating bag and attach it with a star decorating tip. Fill it with black or dark brown frosting. Cover the tires with frosting like how you did the body of the tractor. Use a different color frosting bag with No.5 decorating tip to fill in the center of all the tires.

  7. Change the black color frosting bag's tip to a No.5. Add in some more black frosting into the bag if needed. Fill in the steering wheel and draw vertical lines onto the front grill of the tractor. Also outline the rear tire with the black frosting. Outline the body of the tractor and any other detail on the tractor.

  8. If there is any background area of the entire cake design, spread a thin layer of white frosting. You can now cover the area with cookie crumbs to give the appearance of mud. You can also sprinkle crushed pistachio nuts on it to give it the appearance of green grass.


Before you to decorate a tractor cake, remember this. Wait for one layer of frosting to dry up relatively before you start to work on a different color frosting on top of it.


Good luck. Go on and decorate a tractor cake now!


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How To Decorate A Tractor Cake