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Some Low Calorie Salad Dressing Ideas

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Salad dressings have been relished since the early days of ancient Rome. However, in modern times, low calorie salad dressing ideas are very much in demand. Though available easily at the stores, making a low calorie salad dressing at home is so much of fun, excitement resulting in a bout of good health.

Dressing ideas for low calories salad also help in monitoring your calorie intake and keep a check on your weight. Not only this, the dressing ideas for low calorie salads also adds to the flavor and taste.

Here are some low calories salad dressing ideas that can be easily made and relished at home

Citrus- The flavor of citrus fruits can add to the taste of any bland food stuff. Just add few drops of lemon, lime or orange to your salads and enjoy the sweet and sour taste. You can also add some zest to the salads by using the spices with splash of lemon juice. Pepper with lemon. Cilantro with lime and poppy seeds with tangy oranges are some of the dressing ideas for low calorie salads.

Vinegar- Using only vinegar as dressing ideas for low calorie salads instead of oil and vinegar dressing is also a good  option. There are various types and flavors of vinegar which mainly comprise of balsamic, red wine, apple cider and tarragon vinegar. Vinegar serves the purpose as one of the low calorie salad dressing ideas. There are no calories in plain vinegar. Balsamic vinegar has only 8 calories and red wine vinegar has just 5 calories. Pepper, garlic, rosemary and onions can be used to add to the taste of this very interesting and healthy low calorie salad dressing idea.

Herbs- Herbs are rich in antioxidants and have many health benefits associated with them. They are indeed one of the most interesting additives and make the best low calorie salad dressing ideas. Herbs are almost zero in calories and can be used fresh or in a dried form. There are many flavored herbs like thyme, rosemary, tarragon which  make perfect dressing ideas for low calorie salads.

Mustard- The next in the row of low calorie salad dressing ideas is mustard. French Dijon’s honey mustard sauce has only 10 calories and when used on salads enhance the taste amazingly. Try this mustard sauce with wine vinegar, or honey and dill to get the tasty bites of low calorie nutritious salad.

These low calorie salad dressing ideas will make you want to have salads more often and will also ensure good taste, better health and above all low calories. Enjoy!

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