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Is Food A Fashion Accessory Or More

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Food as a fashion accessory? You mean we use it for more than eating?

Jeremy Scott, the famous designer brought about a different kind of food revolution recently. Food as a fashion accessory was an unthinkable concept till sometime back. But now, considering food a  fashion accessory is no more a taboo, in fact it is haute couture!

Though the mothers everywhere, time and again, cried out loud that we mustn’t play with food; now food as a fashion accessory is helping lots to play in money!!

While Lady Gaga changed the whole concept of a meaty appearance with her Meat loaf dress at the recent award function, a Japanese company Kawaii, has introduced tiny floating pizzas that are cute little brooches. From holding up your scarves, to being your loud big buttons, food shaped and themed items have lauded food as a fashion accessory.

Another designer Frank Sorbier launched his spring/summer collection recently and yanked off the crowd with his unconventional Food a fashion accessory themed ramp show. The runway on that day looked like a dress cut out of the junk Food factory, and won him many acclaims. From men dressing up in burger outfits, to wonderful evening gowns dressing up the novel model as a pizza wrap-up, this collection gave a boost to the thought of using food as a fashion accessory.

But the concept of food a fashion accessory is not getting limited and restrained to just clothes that one wears. Food as a fashion accessory is being used in all the side accessories like Blueberry handbags, Sardine Belts, Bangles made out of Cheese and lettuce, Marshmallow hats, Broccoli purses, Sliced Turnip crowns, even G-strings made up of Lettuce and Cabbage leaves have become a food as a fashion accessory rage!

One could have never really imagined that frozen sushi could be a pendant for some, or using food as a fashion accessory would be a wondrous resulting creation of a crazy chandelier. A guy in Ohio had the inspiration, and who saw food a fashion accessory, to create a gummy bear chandelier. No, it is not shaped like a Gummy bear, but is made up of gummy bears candies. Hundreds of candies. Using food as a fashion accessory to spruce up his home, he has created a 45”x 21”x 22” chandelier, that looks beautiful and well, chewy!

Food as a fashion accessory is not staying put only in the wardrobes, fashion stylists for technology driven media, jewelry, advertisements, home décor, all are looking towards the multi-faceted drive of food to feed our tummy and mind hungers. The most recent purchase in fact that I made recently was this USB which is shaped like a burger! Isn’t it too cute? Well, there are a lot of crunchy, chewy, delicious and appetizing but non-edible foods as fashion accessories out there now. Go and find which wins your foodie heart!


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Is Food A Fashion Accessory Or More