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How to Set an Ancient Greek Food Table

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Founders of mathematics, written history and philosophy, the ancient Greeks were undoubtedly far ahead of their time in a number of ways. Among those several ways, table etiquette practiced by the Greeks was commendable. You will agree to this fact after you learn how to set an ancient Greek food table. The ancient Greeks practiced arranging the table prior to a meal, but this practice was no as as complex as the Western. However, a Greek table setting is certainly unique, intricate and one of its kind. Here are a few tips for setting up an ancient Greek food table.



  • Cover the table using a thick sheet. The Greeks were the first to have used tablecloths because of which the clean up became easy. Make sure that the sheet you use must be able to cover the entire table properly. The tables used by the Greeks were sometimes very close to the ground level and the people used to sit on pillows sat on the floor, but the Greeks often used a table alike the traditional American dining room table, so that can work as well.


  • Over the tablecloth, you must spread a sheet of cloth at every sitting of the table. This sheet is utilized as the plate in a way, hence it should be like a cloth napkin or something. The ancient Greeks did not make use of pottery for everyday eating as their daily eating habits were much more casual.


  • The main dish must be placed on a huge, round platter in the middle of the table. The platter must be large, so much so that it is capable of holding most of the food in the entire meal, if not all. But in cases where the meal was particularly large, the Greeks also used two large platters or a single large platter along with quite a few smaller ones around it.


  • Do not forget to put a small bowl of water near the table. Quite few rich families in ancient Greece also placed individual bowls of water for everyone. These water bowls are used for cleaning the hands after or during the meal. This is because the entire eating here is done without utensils and people simply use their hands for eating.


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How To Set An Ancient Greek Food Table