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How to Decorate Valentine Treats

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valentine treat decoration Theme treats add to the charm on all occasions and celebrations. If you wish to celebrate Valentine's Day and you want to know how to decorate the treats then this article is a must read.  Decorating Valentine’s Day treats is not only easy but great fun too.


Valentine Treat Decoration Ideas

  • Bake the treats by following the directions mentioned on the box or your book of recipes. Add a few drops of food coloring so as to make batter red or pink in color. The drops of food coloring that you add depends on how deep red/pink you want your treats to actually be.


  • Make heart-shaped treats by using a heart-shaped pan, if one is available. If not you can use a square pan as well as a round pan instead. Place all batter into the pan at once if you are using a heart-shaped pan. On the other hand, if you use a round and square pan, pour half the batter into each of the two pans.


  • You must remove the treats from their pans. If using two pans, place the square treats in a way that it resembles a diamond. Cut the round treats into two equal halves and put one piece on each side of the top half of the already placed diamond treats. This way you will end up forming a heart. When the treats are baked in a heart-shaped pan, then you do not have to put in any efforts as you already have a heart treats.


  • Mix icing with some food coloring in order to make light pink icing. Frost the treats using this icing.


  • In order to decorate the treats you can use premade pink and white flowers. These flowers can be purchased from any dessert supply store or from some bakeries that specialize in dessert decorating. In addition to this, you can cover the heart-shaped sugar cookies with red or white icing and then place them over the treats randomly in order to decorate.


  • Add a cupid figure on the top of the treats so as to complete the Valentine's Day theme. Treats decorating items can be brought from local grocery stores and bakeries. You can also choose to create your own figures using sugar paste, gum paste or fondant.  


These ideas for decorating valentine treats would certianly help bring a smile to your loved one's face.



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How To Decorate Valentine Treats