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What To Do with Vegetable Trays in a Creative Way

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Are you bored displaying the traditional vegetable trays in your weekend  parties? Would  you like to do something creative with vegetable trays for a change? Here are few creative ways with which you can arrange the vegetable trays that will help to grab the attention of your guests and family members. These creative vegetables trays lure people and even kids who are not so keen eating vegetables.

Stuff the vegetables in the Tray:  Use cream cheese, peanut butter or tuna salad to stuff the vegetables. Make use of lettuce, cucumber and celery to come out with creative vegetable trays. Cut the celery into 1- inch pieces, on the ridge of it apply the peanut butter using a knife. Arrange the celery on the outer section of the tray, place cucumber next on the tray. Cut them to slices and apply cream cheese on one side of it and place it next to the celery. Finally the lettuce with lots of tuna salad and place in the center of the lettuce leaf, wrap and seal it with a tooth pick.  These wraps can be arranged on the center of the tray. Your guests will not only like the visual appeal of your tray but will also enjoy the tasty vegetables stuffed with salad and cream cheese.

Vegetable tray as centerpiece:  In your holiday table, you can place your vegetable trays as a centerpiece. In the edges of the tray arrange all the varieties of vegetables and keep blue cheese dressing or a dipping sauce in the center. To make it look colorful  place holiday flowers around the tray like Easter and Christmas lilies. Keep ready fresh cut vegetables to fill the tray as the colorful vegetable tray may become empty soon.

Floral vegetables trays: Instead of arranging real flowers, you can also make vegetables to look like flowers using cookie cutter. This gives different shapes to your vegetables. Floral shaped cookies will help you to create beautiful floral arrangement out of vegetables. You can also create shapes with sliced vegetables like eggplant and cucumber that are stiff. After slicing vegetables place them on a cutting board and press them with the help of cookie cutter to give different floral shapes to the vegetables. Create a colorful floral display with the shaped vegetables and keep the sauce in the middle.

While arranging vegetable trays, try to place vegetables that are bright so that the tray looks eye catching. Also when you plan to add some pepper to it use yellow, green or red pepper which will make the vegetable trays attractive.

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What To Do With Vegetable Trays In A Creative Way