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How To Use Onion Powder Substitute

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Onion is one of the most popular vegetables we use in our daily cooking; the rounded edible part of this plant is composed of fleshy, tight concentric leaf bases and it has a pungent odor and taste.

Here are few points about onion, onion powder and onion powder substitute.

Onion is considered to be family member of  lily along with all the other flowering plants. But recently scientific studies have established that onions also belong to leeks, shallots, garlic, chives and bulb herbs. 

Onion powder is a spice with a strong, inviolable aroma and with a real flavor as long as it has a long shelf life. Onion powder is considered as an ultimate solution for representing a condiment, dry rubs and chili. Onion powder doesn't need any chopping or any sort of special treatment but just one little crunch and you have excellent substitute for onion for your dish.

Sprinkling one tablespoon of onion powder into your recipe will equate to one medium-sized onion.  

We can use onion powder substitute in many cases like, when somebody is allergic to onion, and when there are no onions at home, or  if the price of onions are too high to fit into your grocery budget list. Using onion powder substitute can be handy in such cases.

A clove of garlic is the best onion powder substitute that can be used to give the same flavor as onion. 

A fresh bunch of leeks are also a good option as an onion powder substitute. Comparatively leeks have milder taste when compared to onions and they are also less acidic in nature. So using leek as an onion powder substitute is a great option for people who find it hard to consume onions due to the acidity nature of onions.

If you are allergic to onions and all the other bulbs, trying substituting with roastd or fried cumin seeds and asafoetida to get a similar flavor.

We can make many delicious dishes by using these substitutes. For example if you have a   recipe for making Fajitas seasoning mix where onion powder substitute or onion powder is an ingredient, substitute it with garlic or shallots.

So, if you do not have onions or onion powder there are always onion powder substitutes to  save your dish. 

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How To Use Onion Powder Substitute