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How To Replace Dry Skim Milk In A Recipe

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Do you want to replace dry skim milk in a recipe? Dry skim milk is not an item that is usually found in the kitchen, but you may require it for certain recipes. In the absence of it, you have to find a way to replace dry skim milk. Also for those who have food allergies may not like to include dry skim milk. You can easily replace dry skim milk with non diary substitutes and liquid milk. Rice milk and soy milk found in liquid and dry form can be used to replace dry skim milk.

Replacing dry skim milk with liquid milk

Initially you should stop adding the dry milk and the water required by the recipe. For every 1/3 cup of dry milk you should remove 1 cup of water. Ensure to add cup of milk for the every cup of water and milk powder that has been taken out. Usually liquid milk is used to replace dry skim milk.

Replacing dry skim milk with other products:

Powdered Soy milk:  This non fat dehydrated milk acts as regular milk when added in recipes. Use same amount of soy milk power instead of dry skim milk. You can add water to bring the soy powder to liquid form. Soy milk is free from cholesterol, casein, fat and lactose and rich in protein like regular milk.  To enhance the nutritive value of the milk, manufacturers include calcium to the soy milk powder.

Rice Milk powder: This is made from brown rice and it is a grain based dehydrated powder. Rice milk powder is free from lactose, fat, gluten, soy and cholesterol. Though it does not come with proteins like dry skim milk, this non fat can be used to replace dry skim milk in recipes.

Potato milk powder: It is not widely found in stores as soy milk and rice milk powder; but people with milk, gluten and soy allergies can use this to replace skim milk. Instead dry skim milk, use equal quantity of potato milk in the recipes.

Replace dry skim milk in your recipes and taste the difference 

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