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Ideas To Make Cross Pancakes At Home


Make cross pancakes and put out your religious conviction on the breakfast table. Cross pancake ideas are virtually infinite. Use a little of your imagination and you can churn out a different design of cross pancakes every time. Here are some quick handy ideas for making cross pancakes.

At the simplest, just use a pastry bag to pipe a cross on each pancake. Other than the popular T shaped latin cross you could also pipe a smaller horizontal beam above the first to get the patriarchal cross. You could also use jam or marmalade in the pastry bag instead of frosting.


A cross can also be made with poppy seeds. Sprinkle some black or white poppy seeds to cover a small plate. Dip the wrong end of a spoon into some pancake syrup and draw a cross on a pancake. Place the pancake syrup side down on the plate of poppy seeds, press gently and leave. The poppy seeds stick to the syrup making a nice cross.


Here is a little elaborate way of making crosses. Take some news print and fold it multiple times in half. You can also stack several small sheets of news print. Draw the shape of a cross on the top most sheet of paper and cut it out. This should give you several cross shaped news print stencils. Place several pancakes on a tray and a cross stencil on each pancake. Place some powdered sugar or semi-sweet cocoa powder in a sifter or tea strainer and tap the sifter against the palm of your hand moving over all the pancakes until all the pancakes are covered with sugar or cocoa dust. Use two forks or small tongs to remove the news print stencil to reveal the cross. Transfer pancakes to the serving plate and repeat the process for the next batch.


If you would like to make a cross using raisins, currants or corn kernels keep them at hands reach while ladling pancake batter onto the pan. Once bubbles start to appear on the pancakes place raisins or currants on the pancake in a cross formation while gently embedding each one into the pancake using a fork.  Work quickly else the pancake will be over done on one side before you can flip them. Take care to flip the pancakes gently with a spatula. Tossing them might cause the raisins to fall out.


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Ideas To Make Cross Pancakes At Home