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How To Decorate A Car Cake At Home


Most common ideas to decorate a car cake involve baking several layers of cake and loads of butter cream frosting, not to mention large chunks of cake wasted in carving. Decorating a car cake need not be so tiresome nor does it need so much frosting that the calorie conscious have to give it a pass.

The basic idea is to begin with a shape that most closely approximates the shape of a car. Apart from the obviously easiest way of investing in a car cake pan the closest you can get to a car shape is by using a fairly wide loaf pan. Use a 9’ x 5’ loaf pan and fill in the cake batter as high as you can do so while still being sure that the batter will not overflow when rising in the oven. Once the cake is done let it cool on a wire rack then transfer onto your modeling surface. Trim the dome of the loaf as neatly as possible and keep aside. Do not discard the dome as you will be using it to cut out the wheels for the car. Now turn the loaf broad upside down and you should now have a tapering brick shaped cake. Make a slanting cut where you would imagine the wind shield of the car to be (about one third of the height of the loaf) and then continuing the cut towards the front of the car thereby making its bonnet. This is the largest piece you would cut out. Make another slanting cut at the back of the car to create its rear. A hatchback design would involve the least wastage. Make similar slightly slanting cuts on the sides to simulate the windows.


Using round cookie cutters cut out four wheels from the dome of the loaf that you earlier trimmed and paste them on the car using frosting. Now you have the basic shape ready. You can either frost the entire structure or apply a fondant icing over it. If frosting, smooth the frosting with a textured kitchen paper towel and let it set. Now you may use piping bags of different colors to pipe features on the car such as windows, wind shield, tires etc. Using m&m or other candy, finish off the car with head and tail lights.

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How To Decorate A Car Cake At Home