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How To Round Corners While Frosting Cake

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Trying to round corners while frosting a cake might be a difficult task especially if you are intent on giving your confection a perfect look. Apart from cosmetic purposes, addition of frosting also improves the taste as well as the texture of the cake making it important to cover the entire surface which involves making round corners with the frosting. It is certainly not an impossible task to accomplish once you learn the technique of how to round corners while frosting cake.


  • The initial step of making round corners includes brushing the stray crumbs by removing them both from the top as well as the sides of the cake.

  • Placing the cake on a serving plate surrounded by strips of wax paper is also considered to be an important part of creating round corners while frosting.

  • Round corners while frosting a cake can only be achieved when the frosting is thin enough and not too sticky. Be sure to dilute it with some buttermilk or warm milk if you feel the consistency is not quite right.

  • Spreading the frosting smoothly all over the surface of the cake with the aid of a spatula needs to be done carefully especially when you are keen on obtaining the round corners while frosting.

  • The last and final step can only be attempted after the spatula has been cleaned thoroughly of the stray crumbs adhering to it.

  • The last and final step is to add the remaining icing on the cake and spreading it carefully and evenly on the round corners while frosting the cake.


Keeping the cake refrigerated for sometime after frosting it is a precaution worth taking. Pulling out the wax papers from under the edges is imperative as well.


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How To Round Corners While Frosting Cake