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How To Frost A Cheesecake

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The cheesecake is a delightful piece of confection eaten all over the world. While most New Yorkers prefer their cakes to remain unadorned, others often frost a cheesecake with bits and pieces of fruits and nuts which go well with the cheesy taste of the cake. Frosting a cheesecake is not particularly an arduous task especially when you take cognizance of the nuances involved. You are sure to master the technique once you check out the details of how to frost a cheesecake. Take a look!


  • You need to allow the cheesecake to be cooled completely by bringing it to room temperature before you try to frost a cheesecake. The frosting also needs to be cooled appreciably before it can be put on the surface of the cheesecake.

  • Frosting a cheesecake will be comparatively easy once you stir it into a thick pudding like consistency. The texture should be smooth and silky as well.

  • The next step of action while you go about trying to frost a cheesecake is to place a generous dollop of frosting on the center of the cake and gently spin the cake with the aid of a lazy Susan. It is imperative to apply a little pressure on the spatula and hold it still watching the frosting getting plastered all across the cake while it spins around slowly.

  • Some extra amount of the frosting can also be applied around the circumference of the cake which will give it an even appearance. However, remember to frost a cheesecake thoroughly be spreading the frosting to all parts of the cake particularly those which had been missed while the cake had been spinning.


It is also possible to create a scalloped look by moving the spatula up and down at regular intervals as you continue to frost a cheesecake.  

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How To Frost A Cheesecake