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How To Substitute Honey For Sugar - In Cakes & Muffins

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The idea behind trying to substitute honey for sugar is an ancient one. Honey is actually considered to a healthier sweetener while all that refined sugar can offer you is empty calories. It is therefore a good move when you decide to substitute honey for sugar. Apart from the rather obvious health benefits particularly those associated with a slow elevation of your blood glucose levels, substituting honey for sugar will be a wise even when you look at it strictly from the culinary angle. It is full of vitamins and minerals and helps to keep the baked products moister. Let us now check how to substitute honey for sugar particularly while using them in cakes & muffins.


It is important to remember the properties of both the sweeteners when you try to substitute honey for sugar. A little more than half of the total amount of sugar needs to be replaced when you are engaged in substituting honey for sugar simply on account of the fact that honey is sweeter in taste.


It will also be a good move to reduce the liquid ingredients of your recipe significantly while you substitute honey for sugar as the natural product is available in the liquid form.


The acidity of honey can be successfully countered by adding a teaspoonful of baking soda to the ingredients for every cup of honey used.


The baked goods tend to brown quickly when you substitute honey for sugar. Care must therefore be taken to lower the temperature of the oven by at least 25F when you are using honey as your primary sweetener.


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How To Substitute Honey For Sugar - In Cakes & Muffins