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How To Decorate A Pirate Ship Cake At Home

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Get wild and decorate a pirate ship cake Are you planning a pirate theme for the birthday party of your kid? It’s a wonderful idea; your child will love it. Along with other things required for pirate theme birthday party, making a pirate ship cake is very important. Further, you should also know how to decorate a pirate ship cake so that the cake not only tastes yummy but looks stunning too. Decorating a pirate ship cake is not very tough, you just have to unleash your imagination and get ready with certain basic materials required in decorating a pirate ship cake. Hereby, I will share with you some tips on how to decorate a pirate ship cake. 


There are plenty of things that you can use to decorate a pirate ship cake. You can use choc mint sticks, chocolate block and life savers in decorating a pirate ship cake. Using malt balls, toy pirates, pirouette cookies and cocktail stir stick swords indecorating a pirate ship cake will also be an amazing idea.


  • You need to carve a pirate ship from the cake that you have prepared. To shape a 3D ship, cut the square cake into two halves and make them stand vertically. Cut the middle part and attach them together on the cake board. Also cut a boat for the bottom.


  • On the side of the boat, add lifesavers for the holes. These lifesavers can be used in placing the birthday candles because placing them on the top of the pirate ship would not be convenient when you lit the candles.


  • To give an impression of a sea, you can use blue gel. Blue foils can also be used for sea and don’t forget to add candy fish in the sea.


  • Your pirate ship cake will look wonderful if you decorate a pirate ship cake with treasure box. Stack several layers of square shaped cake to create a treasure box and place this treasure box on the top of the ship.


  • To further decorate a pirate ship cake, use blocks of chocolate for the plank and use black licorice whips to shape window frames and rope.  


  • Also add few toy boats and pirate figurines in the water. You can also place maltesers in the ship as cannon balls.


In this way you can easily decorate a pirate ship cake and give a wonderful surprise to your child on his birthday.


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