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How To Decorate Flat Cakes At Home

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You need not be an expert to decorate cakes, little patience and effort will help you to do it. Decorate flat cakes at home with proper theme and ideas to make it look more professional. Before decorating cakes, first decide what you actually want, a flat cake for your child’s birthday or for a party or for any other special occasion. This is will help you to plan accordingly and get the required items.

  • Decorating theme is very important and should be appropriate to the occasion; there are various themes available like Floral, Cartoon, Romantic and Fun and Frolic. Go for the theme which you feel will suit the occasion.
  • Prepare any kind of cake like chocolate, red velvet, yellow, butter scotch and vanilla of your choice. Decorating flat cakes with frosting, candy icing and using other colorful items will enhance the look of the cake.
  • Once the cake is baked, do not start immediately to decorate; allow it to cool and frost the cake after 30 to 40 minutes. Decorating flat cakes becomes easy by using whipped cream frosting.
  • Point to note when decorating flat cakes is that you should place it in a flat surface so that the frosting and icing spreads evenly.
  • Start to frost from the corners of the cake as they take more time to frost. Use offset spatula to spread smoothly over the surface of flat cake avoiding any kind of sticky mess.
  • Frosting color should match the cake theme, such as mixed colors for Cartoon theme and mild pink for Romantic theme.
  • Use a pastry bag and fill it with frosting and decorate flat cakes with stars and flowers. Floral theme is the most common theme used to decorate flat cakes; colorful flowers on the cake will look beautiful and will add spice to any occasion.
  • Fresh friuts can be used to decorate the frosting cake, strawberries, peaches, raspberries and Kiwi gives a refreshing look to the flat cake.
  • Decorating flat cakesis a very interesting process but you should ensure to keep it simple since too much of color and other ideas will not give you the desired effect.
  • It’s very simple and fun process, start to decorate flat cakes at home and surprise your dear ones and your guest with colorful and tasty flat cake.

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How To Decorate Flat Cakes At Home