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How To Decorate Doll Cakes

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How to decorate doll cakes without wasting much time? This is one of the concerns of many people who shy away from decorating doll cakes because it takes a lot of time. It is not easy to decorate doll cakes which usually consist of a toy doll with a beautiful long dress which is elegantly prepared with an extra piece of cake. Decorating doll cakes involves decorating the long dress of the doll with many kinds of decorations and additional colorful candies from the bottom of the doll skirt.


Many people believe that it is a very tough task to decorate doll cakes, but with a little creativity and imagination it becomes an easy task for you. Remember, that you might need a few basic tools and keep in mind the favorite character of your girl while you choose to decorate doll cakes. Here are a few tips which shall help you to decorate these wonderful cakes.


Prepare the frosting – Let the cake cool down completely before you can apply the first coat of icing. This is essential so that the cake does not fall apart when you are decorating it. Frosting also ensures that  it makes a  smooth surface which enhances the look when you are decorating doll cakes. Once you have applied the frosting you can let the frosting settle down by putting it inside the refrigerator. This really helps in the step to decorate doll cakes.


Frosting the skirt – This is the most important part of the decoration of any doll cake. To apply it conveniently, you should ideally place the cake on a stand and then apply a very thick layer of any good colored frosting with the help of a spatula. You can start by applying frosting on the top section of the skirt in small even strokes. Keep turning the cake stand as you apply the frosting. Applying the second frosting later to decorate doll cakes is quite important as it adds a smooth finish and offers a rich look to the cake. You can use a color which matches the theme of the party, the rest of the cake and also the other portion of the cake which has already been decorated.


Decorations – This part will add to the ultimate look of your doll and is the last stage to learn how to decorate doll cakes. You can add a border around the top side of the skirt, just along the waistline of the doll. You can use a flower shaped delicate decorating tip for the purpose. You can also line the bottom section of the skirt so that an elegant truffle is created. You can also create a wonderful designed bow on the back of the skirt with the help of a decorating tip to give an elegant look to the doll. You can also select a large number of other cake decorations to enhance the look of the cake such as flowers, candy beads, edible glitters and other decorations which are commonly available for decorating doll cakes.


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How To Decorate Doll Cakes