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How To Decorate Cup Cakes With Sports Themes

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Cup cakes with sports themes are a strong favorite when it comes to an all male party, or even a birthday of a young boy. The male bonding becomes strong as the guests at the party dig into delicious sports-themed cup cakes even as they discuss the latest scores of a baseball game. World cup events like the soccer, or the Olympics, and even the face off of two of your favorite basketball teams help to bring out the sports fan in you to the forefront. It is best to enliven the occasion with tiny and delectable pieces of cup cakes with sports themes which allows the discussion to continue unabated. But how to decorate cup cakes with sports themes, especially if you have no idea of the ingredients involved? There is no reason to fret though, creating sports-themed cup cakes are easy enough and can be done with minimal fuss. Let us try to find out what the adorning of cup cakes with sports themes involves.


Soccer Cupcakes - Obtaining butter cream in the colors of your favorite team in mandatory here as is the red colored Marzipan. Cutting out the marzipan and piping icing sugar on top of it can help you create the jersey while miniature soccer balls can be made with orange icing and black piping thus helping you to turn your theme party into a roaring success courtesy the cup cakes with sports themes.


Golf Cupcakes - Sports-themed cup cakes can also include decorating the tiny cake with miniature golf balls made out of gum paste. The grass is traditionally made of green colored butter cream while the red flags can be inserted with the aid of toothpicks turning the cup cakes with sports themes into objects of delight.


Tennis Cupcakes - Decorating the sports themed cup cakes by creating tiny tennis balls will certainly help to create an environment akin to that felt at the Wimbledon or the French Open tournament. Cup cakes with sports themes etched in lemon yellow and white icings can convert the small cakes into veritable tennis balls which are bound to be a hit with one and all.


Assorted Balls - Ready to use sugar balls shaped in the likeness of a basketball, soccer ball, footballs or golf balls can be bought at candy stores with the intention of decorating your cup cakes with sports themes.


Baseball Cupcakes - Marzipan in blue, red and light brown with green and white butter cream and icing sugar is enough to create the most realistic looking baseball and bat while you are intent on procuring the right cup cakes with sports themes for the occasion.


Football Cupcakes - Cup cakes with sports themes can also include football shaped cakes which can be created easily by chipping away at the corners of a rectangular shaped cake and turning it into an oval ball which can then be covered with colored marzipan.


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How To Decorate Cup Cakes With Sports Themes