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How To Carve A Butternut Squash

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Butternut Squash Carving — Butternut SquashBored of run-of-the-mill scary faced carved pumpkins? Try making googly-eyed butternut squash monsters instead! Legend has it that the doomed souls who listen to the Three Squashes' song of woe shall disappear into the nearest vegetable patch. Butternut squashes, just like pumpkins, have soft, yellow flesh and are easier to hollow out, which makes it ideal for carving. With little bit of practice, concentration and creativity, you can carve frightful butternut squash gruesome enough to give your home a spooky feel. Just follow this step-by-step guide on how to carve a butternut squash and deck up your homes with butternut squash this Halloween.

Butternut Squash Flower

Things Needed For Carving

Simple Carving Ideas

  • Hold the butternut squash upright with its neck on top.
  • With the help of a paring knife, peel the skin of butternut squash from the top in six sections. These sections should be about 1/8” thick. Peel the skin in such a way that you get the bulb of the squash and peels hang down.
  • Now, it is the time to make a second layer of petals. Again, by using a paring knife, make the peels again. However, this time, carve the squash in such a way that it comes in the center of previously made peels. The peels will be shorter this time.
  • Carve butternut squash by making a third layer of petals in a similar way.
  • After you have carved the third layer, the center of the squash will become small. If you think that you can make more layers of petals, peel it off.
  • A flower carving looks beautiful with many layers.
  • After you are done with the layers, cut the center flesh part into a short base and make it round.
  • A beautiful flower centerpiece made by carving butternut squash is ready to be displayed.


Spooky Butternut Squash

Things Needed For Carving

  •    A tall and skinny squash                       
  •    Knife
  •    Plastic scraper
  •    Spoon


Simple Carving Ideas

  • Take a tall and skinny squash.
  • Slightly cut the top and the bottom of the squash.
  • With the help of a spoon, scoop out the flesh.
  • Take a plastic scraper, and scoop out two round parts from the long neck section.
  • Similarly, with a plastic scraper, Cut out one circle from the wider section.
  • Carve the features smoothly with the help of a small knife.
  • Replace the top.
  • Carved butternut squash for Halloween decoration is ready.


These were just two carving ideas on butternut squash. One can experiment and explore many other carving options according to their needs and tastes.


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How To Carve A Butternut Squash