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How To Spread Frosting Smoothly

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Cakes are always a welcomed dessert and add to the decoration of any party. Many expert home bakers would love to decorate handmade cake but lack the knowledge of how to spread frosting smoothly. Spreading frosting is the first and the most important part of decorating a cake. As you learn and practice how to spread frosting smoothly, you can enjoy decorating everything from large cake to small cup cake.


Step by step instructions on how to spread frosting evenly over baked food.


  1. The first step involves cooling your cake before you start to spread frosting over it.
  2. Whisk the frosting using a spatula until it develops a smooth consistency for spreading and is soft.
  3. Scoop out a spoon full of whisked frosting and place it on the cake.
  4. With the help of a spatula start spreading frosting all around. Placing the frosting on the center of the cake and then spreading frosting towards the edge will not let the frosting fall off the cake.
  5. Add ample amount of frosting for smooth spreading.
  6. Spread frostinguntil the whole surface of the cake has a smooth cover of frosting.
  7. For spreading frosting to the sides of the cake, use a spatula to scoop frosting and start spreading from one corner to other. Continue with the same procedure for all sides.


Tips For Spreading Frosting Uniformly


  • Let the frosting to stand for about 15 minutes before spreading. 

  • Keep your spatula in a bowl of warm water before starting to spread frosting, the frosting will not stick on the offset spatula and frosting spreads uniformly.

  • Tucking wax paper under the edges of a cake prevents the frosting from sticking on the platter.


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How To Spread Frosting Smoothly