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How To Make Cake Images Using Edible Paper

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If you want to surprise your kids with unique, colorful and picturesque cakes for their birthday, then you should learn about how to make cake images using edible paper. Making cake images with edible paper is so easy that anyone can do it. It is also a great option for the cakes, as you can print anything and everything on the edible paper and then place that on top of the cake. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make cake images using edible paper.

How To Make Cake Images Using Edible Paper

Step 1

The most interesting of this project is that you can bake the cake at home without spending any extra money for the readymade ones. Secondly, when you prepare the cake at home, you can use your choice of ingredients. Finally, with the use of edible papers, you can have unlimited options of decorating your cake. So, frosting a cake is no more a big deal. To enjoy all these benefits, you should prepare the cake according to your choice. But, before that you should have some planning on the size and shape of the cake, so that you can buy the required ingredients from the market. Other than the normal cake baking ingredients, the most important items are the edible paper and edible ink. Most of the bakery stores or the supermarkets keep a stock of these edible papers. Edible ink can be acquired from the vendor of ink cartridge.


Step 2

Once, everything is ready on hand, start with your project of baking a cake. But, remember to follow your plan to prepare the cake, so that it does not become too big or too small for the amount of edible paper, you have bought. If it is bigger than you have expected, then probably you will require bigger size of edible papers. Similarly, for a smaller sized cake the edible paper can go waste. It is an expensive item, so you should be careful about that, too.


Step 3

When the cake is ready, it’s time to print the picture on the edible paper. If you have already saved the picture or design in your computer to print out for the cake, then you can step forward to adjust the size of the picture according to the size of the cake. Otherwise, you have to search for the right picture in right shape. May be you need to adjust the size of the picture a little after you download, so that it perfectly fits on top of the cake. Use a scale to measure the length and width of the cake and accordingly measure the picture or design.


Step 4

Once the picture is ready to print, you have to exchange your printer cartridge with the cartridge filled with edible ink. You should also be careful to clean up the cartridge head before printing on edible paper. Otherwise, the chemical ink stuck over the head, can get mixed with the edible ink, while printing. Alternatively, you can keep a separate printer altogether for printing on edible papers.


Step 5

Following all these instructions, when the picture is ready then it is time to stick on the cake. For this you don’t have to use any glue. Simply spread the printed edible sheet on freshly baked cake and it will stay there. However, in case you don’t get edible paper, don’t worry, as you can prepare this at home from rice flour and water.


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How To Make Cake Images Using Edible Paper