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How To Decorate Viking Cupcakes

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When my son was invited to a Viking-themed party the other day, I was confused about the gift that I would send along and that’s when I though of making Viking cupcakes to match the mood and décor of the party. Making these were simple and easy and if you too are looking forward to making these fun cupcakes but want to know How To Decorate Viking Cupcakes   then read on.


Since the theme of the party was based on the movie - How To Train Your Dragon, I made some Viking hat cupcakes.

Things Required

  • White frosting
  • Red and Yellow Food Colors
  • Card Stock
  • Gum Paste
  • Tooth picks
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Cupcake Pearls

Method of Decorating Viking Cupcakes

  • Bake and a batch of regular or over-sized cupcakes.
  • Cut out a band from brown card stock for the cupcake wrap. You can use different colors of card stock for other cupcakes.
  • Place the white frosting in a large mixing bowl and add 8 to 10 drops of yellow food color to it. Mix well
  • Now add 2 to 3 drops of red food coloring to the mixture and stir well. You will have an orange frosting for the cupcakes.
  • Now spread a generous amount of frosting on the cupcakes, mounding it into a smooth dome to look like a hat.
  • Decorate this hat with cupcake pearls
  • Now take little gum paste and using your hands give it the shape of a horn. Insert a toothpick at the end that will anchor it to the cupcake. Similarly, make the second horn.
  • Now insert these horns into the cupcake to complete the look.
  • The Viking cupcakes are ready complete with their Viking hat decoration.


These are fun and easy to make and great for kid’s parties.

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How To Decorate Viking Cupcakes