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How To Use Honey In Place Of Sugar - Certain Ideas

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How to use honey in place of sugar; the question comes to the mind of  those who love the sweet taste of this natural product and are also aware of its health benefits.

Though honey and sugar both are sweeteners and add to the taste of many sweet recipes, there is a vast difference in their constituents and health benefits. Sugar is commercially produced from sugar cane and beetroot, whereas honey is a natural product that undergoes very little processing.

Honey not only satisfies the palate, but offers unbelievable antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing benefits to our health and body. Honey also has incredible healing properties which have been used to cure almost all the head to toe problems, from thousands of years ago. For women, honey is a cosmetic boon which helps them have wonderful skin and beauty.

Honey, thus is undoubtedly a better health option when compared to sugar.  

So let’s see how we can substitute this better health option in place of sugar and take one more step towards health of all.

How to use honey for sugar:

For cakes and other bakery items- Honey when added to cakes and cookies, adds to their flavor and color.  The bakery items made with honey as an ingredient turn out to be soft and moist. Substitute 2/3 to 3/4 cup honey for each cup of sugar in baking items. Honey being denser adds better flavor and acid to the bakery stuff. With honey, the cakes and pies brown quickly.

Honey mixes easily with butter and margarine than sugar does, and thus improves the texture of finished products.

For jams, jellies and chutneys- Honey can substitute sugar in preparing jams and jellies as honey is a healthy preservative, which will give a longer shelf life to the products. Honey also makes the jams and jellies tastier. You can use ¾ cup of honey for 1 cup sugar while making jams and jellies.

For tea, coffee and drinks- Add honey instead of sugar to your daily beverages and drinks. Not only they will taste better but also make you fit and healthy. Honey crystals can be also added to tea and coffee. Lemon water also tastes amazing with honey in it. Honey blends remarkably well with black and flavored teas and boosts its fragrance.

For preparation of sauces- Honey can be used for sugar in meat sauces and vegetable sauces. Also, this natural sweetener can be added to marinades, glazes, salad dressings, and yeast breads. For one measure of sugar, use one measure of honey. Where more sugar is used, for every cup over one, add ¾ cup honey to one cup of sugar.

Make use of honey this season and enjoy a new taste as well as good health.

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How To Use Honey In Place Of Sugar - Certain Ideas