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How to Shape Apple Like a Bird

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Harvey had the crowds in raptures. Not only is he witty and a great showman, he is famous for his creative salad designs. At the International Food Show in NY he showed people how to get creative with cutting your mundane tasks of carrots, tomatoes,othr fruits etc for salads.

Who can argue with his skills - see him carve a beautiful bird from an Apple!

Go Harvey!

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Salad Designing: Tips To Create An Apple Bird
Do you wanna design your salads for today's party? You can design a bird from an apple. Confused? Pls don't be. Watch out the video and learn how to create a bird from an apple.

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He makes it look like a 2 minute job. Worth trying. Thanks for the video ifood.. people like me can at least make an attempt.
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Totally AWESOME!!!
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yes - he is really cool - you should also see other videos from the same show - like thesiku vodka ice bar
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In Thailand they are artists at this fruit and veggie carving: I can make chile and green onion flowers and that is about it. It is quite an art!
How To Shape Apple Like A Bird Video, Salad Designing: Tips To Create An Apple Bird