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Here Comes The Dawn Of Interactive Cake

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The dawn of interactive cake breaks over the confectionary horizon even as Disney wins the patent for creating the interactive cake replete with mini projectors. But what does the animated company, an industry by itself mean by proclaiming, ‘Here comes the dawn of interactive cake?' How on earth can an interactive cake be eaten amidst the hullabaloo of Disney’s characters trying to interact with us? The answer is none too clear especially as it is only the dawn of interactive cake. Given time, I am sure that the people will get used to the idea of having an interactive cake and eating it too, that too at the same time.


But how does Disney actually propose to usher in the dawn of interactive cake? The idea is to provide a projector in miniature size along with every interactive cake. Various landscapes along with the beloved Disney characters will then get to be simulated around the cake as the dawn of interactive cake ushers in a new confectionery era.


The idea of bringing home an interactive cake is weird to say the least. But how will you go about bringing the animated characters and landscapes alive even as Disney proposes to bring in the dawn of interactive cake? The answer seems simple enough, technical details not withstanding. All you have to do is to cut into the delectable cake with the aid of a coded knife and Hey Presto! You will have the animated characters swarming around you right at the dawn of interactive cake. You might just have a Captain Hooks drawing up his sword as you get set to sink your knife into the cake.


The dawn of interactive cake promises to be exciting indeed! The dreamers at Disney have conjured up their ‘Projector System’ which will give us an opportunity to interact with our food. The interaction will be on a different level altogether not just a simple simulation of Disney topography and characters strutting on the surface of the desert even as the dawn of interactive cake illuminates our minds and heart.


The computer aided technique is expected to be a union of science and imagination. It will also depend on the level of personal interaction instead of just showing shadowy images hovering on top of the interactive cake.  A piece programmed to show a placid lake can turn into a torrent of cascading water if a slice is cut out of that particular portion. Tinker Bells flying on the surface is yet another prospect of gladdening our hearts. Especially the kids who are sure to go goggle eyed as bits of pixie dust come swirling out as they move a magic wand which has been coded.


The future sure looks interesting especially if you go by the dawn of interactive cake.  


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Here Comes The Dawn Of Interactive Cake