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How To Decorate A Cake With Sprinkles

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Learning to decorate a cake properly becomes imperative once you master the nuances of baking. A cake becomes the center of attraction on birthdays and other festive occasions like the Christmas and you are certain to receive a lot of kudos once you find out how to decorate a cake with sprinkles. The task of adorning a cake with sprinkles is not difficult at all and all you have to do is to follow a few steps while trying to decorate a cake with attractive sprinkles. It is also an excellent way of enhancing the flavor of your cake and will give you as much joy as your kids in trying to create a beautiful and mouthwatering cake with sprinkles. Let us now see the prominent steps involved in adding sprinkles in order to decorate a cake.


  1. Purchasing the right kind of sprinkle is very important. You are likely to get them at your local supermarket or grocery store. Shop around until you are satisfied with the flavor as well as the color. Adorning a cake with sprinkles may not be too tough but you certainly need to see whether they compliment the frosting on the surface as you get set to decorate a cake with attractive sprinkles.

  2. Having a swivel top handy is desirable while sprinkling the sprinkles. The section with the small hole will help you control the amount of sprinkles to decorate a cake. The mid holed section is deal for notching up the speed while the pour spout can help you get large quantities of sprinkles on the top as you decorate a cake. You can also go in for the Parlor Perfect Confetti Sprinkles as they come equipped with an easy to use swivel top designed to aid you with the sprinkling process.

  3. Decorating your cake with sprinkles can be done in more than one way too. While the most accepted method to decorate a cake is to add it to the frosted icing, you can mix them directly with the cake batter as well. This will result in the most deliciously flavored and adorned confetti cake which is bound to go down well with your kids. Drawing designs on the surface is another way that is immensely popular while trying to decorate a cake. Involving your kids in the entire procedure will result in providing hours and hours of fun for them.

  4. The best way of making the sprinkles remain on the top of smaller surfaces like the cup cake is to handle smaller amounts of sprinkles at a time when you get to decorate a cake. Brushing off the excess amount from the sides gently and reusing them is an excellent way of conserving these delectable pieces of confetti as well.


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How To Decorate A Cake With Sprinkles