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Top 5 Seasonings For Lamb

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The tender and succulent meat of a roast lamb has a wonderful aroma of its own; however, it can certainly be enhanced further by adding selected seasonings to it. But what are the suitable seasonings for lamb?



While some of the seasonings for lamb may lend it a subtle flavor which helps to increase the appetite, others may be a trifle heavy almost disguising the natural flavor. It is actually a matter of choice and people belonging to different regions prefer different seasonings for lamb making the lamb dishes one of the most varied recipes in the world, courtesy the diverse types of seasonings that go into it.


The best way to add seasonings for lamb is to rub the mixture of herbs and other condiments into the skin of the lamb after trimming of f the excess fat and getting rid of the silver skin. Another way that is quite popular is to make tiny incisions on the surface of the meat and push the herbs and ground slivers of garlic or whole black peppers into the incisions. This can be done just before putting the lamb to roast as well. However, it is important to remember not to add salt to the seasonings for lamb before you actually get down to cooking it.


However, the query what are the suitable seasonings for lamb remains. Let us now try to get some answers to it.

  1. Garlic - One of the most well loved spices of all, the Greeks and Romans used it to flavor their meats too. The garlic is considered to be one of the best seasonings for lamb and is particularly cherished in the Mediterranean region. The best way to add garlic to the lamb is to push them into the incisions made on the surface of the lamb for a roast or baked dish. Adding whole cloves to soups, stews after sautéing them in hot oil is another popular tradition of flavoring the lamb.
  2. Marjoram - A spice with a slightly bitter taste, the leaves of Marjoram grow wild in the southwest region of Asia and parts of Africa. Chopped or entire leaves of fresh Marjoram are often used to spice the lamb especially in France, Greece and the Middle East. Dried or powdered Marjoram is also frequently used as suitable seasonings for lamb. 
  3. Dill - A member of the parsley family, the Dill is one of the most favored seasonings for lamb. Europeans often use it to give an exotic aroma to their lamb stews and soups. However, it is important to use the Dill in moderation as it can completely overshadow the natural flavor of the lamb.
  4. Mint - Spearmint leaves or fresh peppermint leaves are often used to flavor the lamb roasts, stews and soups. Mint seasonings for lamb are also used to rub the meat during grilling of the lamb.
  5. Bay Leaf - Tempering the Bay leaf in hot oil before adding it to lamb curry or stew is common in India and parts of the Mediterranean region. This is one of the unique seasonings for lamb and can also be used to cook goat meat. 

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Top 5 Seasonings For Lamb