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What Are The Suitable Seasonings For Lamb

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 There are variety of seasonings for lamb, which one could try, depending on one’s taste and cuisine preference. Usually the suitable seasonings for lamb comprise of salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, cumin, and rosemary. However, seasonings and cooking ideas for lamb are tremendous. For an Indian taste it could be flavored with curry powder, when seasoned with oregano and garlic it echoes Greek flavor, Jalapeños will add a taste of southwest. Similarly it can be cooked and seasoned in regional American style.

Lamb tastes great with a wide variety of seasonings, most of which are:

Cinnamon                        Bay Leaf                         Parsley

Basil                                Curry Leaves                  Italian Salad Dressing

Garlic                               Soy Sauce                      Dijon Mustard

Rosemary                         Pepper                           Cloves  

Lemon Pepper                  Mint                               Marjoram                            

Olive Oil                           Paprika                          Worcestershire sauce

Lemon Juice                     Thyme                            Cumin

Coriander                         Oregano                         Dill

 Having listed the seasonings above let us dig down further on few of these:

Salt and Pepper: These are the basis seasonings used. These make lamb more flavorful without interfering with the lamb’s basic flavor.

Paprika: This colorful red-orange powder can be sweet or spicy. If the one wants a sweet flavor in lamb regular paprika is used. Hot paprika is for making it hot and spicy, while smoked paprika gives lamb a rich smoky flavor.

Ginger: Both powdered and fresh ginger can be used to season the lamb. It gives a distinctive and tangy flavor to the meat and compliments the mellowness of the meat.

Garlic: The flavor of garlic is intense and is used when one wants enhance the natural flavor. However, it should be used in moderation.

Mint: It is a finishing seasoning. It adds a cool and fresh feel to the meat. The specific type of mint used in lamb dishes is Bergamont or lemon, orange or the eau de cologne mint. Since it has a sweet citrus taste and lavender aroma it enhances the meat flavor.

Curry Powder: It is a blend of different spices and comes in various varieties. Some versions are sweet, while others are spicy. Usually curry power gives an authentic Indian taste to the meat. There is a Thai version which is hotter and comprises lemongrass and galangal, for Mediterranean taste curry powder used is Ras El Hanout

Rosemary: It is a good choice for red meat, however, it has a dominating flavor and hence should be used in moderation

 Lamb's natural flavor is mild and hence it combines well with different seasonings, giving plenty of scope to let the imagination run wild.

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What Are The Suitable Seasonings For Lamb