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Best 5 Hanukkah Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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Add the ooph factor to your Hanukkah cupcake, with simple decoration tips. To help you with this task, I am going to share the best 5 hanukkah cupcake decorating ideas.

In Hebrew, Hanukkah means dedication. The Jews world over celebrate the Hanukkah, to commemorate the re-dedication of the Holy temple in Jerusalem, and the festival is spread over eight days. As part of this eight day celebration, families get together for traditional meals, fun and games. One of the many delicacies prepared during the Hanukkah feasts are the cupcakes, and it is easy to pep up these little creations with the help of cupcake decorations.

Edible Decorations

The most popular of course, is the edible Star of David topper, which can be easily bought at any store. These can add the right traditional touch to your desserts and can transform them into real works of art in a matter of minutes. Once your cup cakes are made, put on a little icing on them and add the decorations. Most of the edible cake toppers are made from icing sugar, and they are hand coloured using safe and approved colouring agents. These edible toppers come in many different shapes. Choose between roses and lillies and other delicate but colourful options, or go for a more conservative topping of fresh cherries and dry fruits.

Plastic Toppers

You can also decorate your cup cakes using plastic toppers. These are of course inedible, but as they come in many shapes, colours and sizes they are sure to add a bit of ooph to your cakes. Once the cake is eaten, the decorations can be washed and reused. Alternatively, children can have them as keep sakes from the your Hanukkah feast.

Simple Cupcake Preparation

Here is a simple recipe for cupcakes that you can try at home. Once this is made, try out our cupcake decoration tips for best results.

Take about 125 grams of unsalted butter, and into it add the same quantity of sugar and flour. To this add two eggs, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, ½ a teaspoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of Vanilla essence. Mix all these well, until you get a thick consistency. Add in about 2 teaspoons of milk, and beat again. You might wonder if the mixture is a little too less, but do not panic. The mix will raise, and therefore you need to put very little into the cups. Put in about a spoon and a half of cake mixture int the cups and pop it into the preheated oven, set at 220 degrees for about 15 – 20 mins.

While this is getting baked, you can make your royal icing. Into 350 grams of sifted icing sugar, add 2 egg whites, and mix them well for about 5 mins. Add in a dash of lemon juice, for the flavour. This also makes the icing whiter and brighter. By now, you cup cakes will be ready. Spread the icing evenly over it, and decorate your cup cake with some gorgeous edible toppers. Alternatively, you can also add a dash of edible colour to your icing sugar, and use that to get a colourful splash in the cakes.

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Best 5 Hanukkah Cupcake Decorating Ideas