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How To Choose An Artificial Sweetener

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The reason for choosing an artificial sweetener over regular sugar can be many. But the trick to make the transition from sugar to artificial sweetener is by selecting the right sweetener. If you are new to the world of aspartames and stevias, then this blog on how to choose an artificial sweetener will help you in taking the right decision.  So read on and learn more...


Saccharine, acesulfame K, aspartame and sucralose are mong the most common sugar substitutes available in market today. Basically, all these artificial sweeteners have more or less similar benefits, i.e, they control the sugar level in your blood within a safe limit and cut calories in your meal. Your selection criteria must depend upon the culinary use of the sweeterner (will u be using it in a cooked recipe or as a table sweetener), food allergies, and other medical contra-indications. 


Pros and Cons Of Popular Artificial Sweeteners

  •  Initially, the compound, saccharine was suspected to cause bladder cancers. However, this defamation has been declined by the FDA and the National Cancer Institute has proved this suspicion to be baseless. However, saccharine is 200 to 700 times sweeter than the normal sugar. So, you should be very careful about your serving size. It is best to use it in cold desserts or as a table sweetener.


  •  The sweetener products based on acesulfame K, are more generally used for baking. This sugar substitute is around 200 times sweeter than regular dugar. Since FDA proclaimed this to be 90% safe for health, cost might be the only factor to affect your decision here.


  •  Aspartame based sweeteners are some of the most commonly available artificial sweeteners in the market. This substance is also 200 times sweeter than normal sugar and ideal as a table sweetener. However, a preseription from the physician is recommended, since aspartame is contraindicated among people suffering with phenylketonuria or PKU and in pregnant or lactating women. 


  •  The compound sucralose is nothing but a modified form of regular sugar. It tastes just like sugar but carries way little calories and has a low Glycemic Index. It can be used as a cooking sweetener. The artificial sweetener Splenda is based on sucralose. If you are planning to control your sugar intake, this can be the ideal option to consider.


So, while choosing your artificial sweetener you must consider all the above factors and simultaneously consult your physician to select the right choice for you.


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How To Choose An Artificial Sweetener