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How To Season A Molcajete

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Based on my experience, I have few instructions and tips on how to season a molcajete.  A new molcajete keeps releasing dust of rock for many days, so you taste grit initially. Seasoning a molcajete eliminates the grit produced from it. If you don’t season a molcajete you will probably find grit in everything that you make using this new kitchen tool. Seasoning instructions are attached with molcajete boxes, however, the instructions are not practically applicable or do not season a molcajete completely.  


So how to season a molcajete?


1. The first step in seasoning a molcajete requires soaking it in water for few hours or preferably overnight.

2. Remove the water and let it dry.

3. First pound a handful of rice in the new molcajete, you will notice that the color of rice turns from white to grey.

4. Remove the rice powder and pound more fresh rice in the molcajete. Repeat the same procedure again and again until the pounded rice powder comes out white out of the new molcajete.

5. Rinse the molcajete with water and let it dry.

6. Smash a mixture of garlic, cilantro and rock salt along with some cumin seeds. Make a paste and leave the paste in the molcajete for seasoning.

7. According to instructions given along with your new molcajete, the molcajete should be seasoned by now and ready for use. In reality it is not so. You need to further season a molcajete to actually get grit free salsa and dips out of the molcajete.

8. Prepare guacamole and taste it. If you still find grit then repeat step 1 to 6 until the grit disappears from the paste made in molcajete.

9. You can also use a metal brush to scrub the surface for seasoning a molcajete. They are available at all hardware stores.

10. If you find grit after repeating several round of seasoning applying above method, then probably the molcajete is made of concrete that is why you keep getting grit.

Seasoning a molcajete is not easy but once seasoned it can produce mind-blowing salsas, dips and guacamole.


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How To Season A Molcajete