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What Are The Substitutes For Orange Juice Concentrates?

Not every time, do all the ingredients in a recipe have a place in your kitchen-either because of lack of usage or simply as a “missed-out entity”. For instance, if orange juice concentrate is to be added to the batter for your bake, and you don’t have one, then you could go for the available substitutes for orange juice concentrates without feeling stranded.

Let us go below the peel to get the feel of the orange flavor and discover as to how a similar flavor can be brought in to serve the purpose.
Orange juice concentrates have a slight bitter ‘n’ tart flavor. This fruit concentrate can be used as an additive or flavoring for bakes or to make cocktails, salads  or even desserts.

So, what are the substitutes for orange juice concentrates?

•    Orange juice : Orange juice can step in  as a handy substitute for orange juice concentrates, and for recipes, which involve heating, or topping for desserts, the juice should be added in the end, so that it doesn’t get bitter at the time of heating.

•    Lemonades : You might ask why not lemon juice? lemon juice is more acidic compared to orange juice, more concentrated and is less sweet with more sourness. So lemonades provide a better solution. It can be home-made (with equal parts of lemon juice and sugar plus four times the quantity of water) or canned or lemonade concentrates can also be used. But be ware of not using lemonades made from powdered drink mixes as a substitute for orange juice concentrates.

•    Orange extract : Orange extract also pitches in as a good substitute for orange juice concentrates. But the extract is not that sweet compared to the concentrate. The quantity of sugar added can be half the quantity of orange extract used. For instance, if you have to add a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate to the batter, you could add an equivalent amount of orange extract plus half-a-tablespoon of table sugar.

•    Orange liqueur :  This may not be typically orange but surely is reminiscent of the orange flavor, considering the alcohol content and the bitter tinge that gets added to the liqueur in the process of making. Nevertheless you can add more “zest” to your orange liqueur and use it in a recipe by adding orange zest or fresh orange juice. Orange liqueur cannot be applied to all recipes, especially if you want a non-alcoholic additive to your dish. Orange liqueur can be used as a substitute for orange juice concentrates mainly in the making of orange-based cocktails.

•    Marmalade :  Making sauces or marinades using substitutes for orange juice concentrates couldn’t have been easier. Marmalades as the sweet- orange-ish jam can be used in making marinades or preparing sauces, though the double sweetness of the marmalade can be offset by adding a dash of lemon juice (the measurement will depend on the quantity of marmalade used) or rice vinegar, which will infuse the tart ‘n’ bitter taste.

•    Mixed fruit/vegetable concentrates with the ‘zest of orange:  Mixed fruit juice concentrates or vegetable concentrates with orange flavor in it, can also be used as a substitute for orange juice concentrates. The orange flavor being distinct will stand out to impart the necessary flavor. But it is important to keep in mind that certain fruit mix concentrates might not be identifiable with the orange flavor so decide on where it can be applied best.

The list of substitutes for orange juice concentrates squeezes out many handy-tips, that can be put to use, when the “the ingredient” is not available at your disposal!

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What Are The Substitutes For Orange Juice Concentrates?